Sunday, November 1, 2015

Visit to a Carcassonne Brocante. . . . . . . . . . .

My brother took me here for a whirlwind look around a brocante in the lovely 
historic city of Carcassonne. Outside the walls of the original cité, it was quite a jaunt
through a rougher area of town and across a river to reach the huge building.
I didn't buy much - after all, one suitcase won't hold a beautiful iron bed (just 15 euros),
an elegant statue, a complete blue transferware tea set (so cheap!), and those amazing 
stacks - yes there were dozens - of old French beautifully monogrammed linen and cotton 
sheets, oh how I would have loved to bring them back home. I did purchase a nice
 cotton cutwork square European pillow sham, and an old print on board of angels
 which must have been part of a book, will show you those later.

Anyone else having problems writing their posts on Blogger these past couple of days?
Seems to be acting up, especially with cursor problems.

Edited - Sunday 3:45 PM
Well looks like I'm not alone! Visited a forum and found
 many with the same 'no visible cursor' problem when
 trying to write/edit Blogger posts using SAFARI!
 Apparently Safari just upgraded from version 8 to 9
 (don't recall them asking my permission!)and it has
 caused this glitch. It may just be when using
 Apple products(I'm on a MacBook Air), and hopefully
 Apple will work on correcting the annoying problem. 
Meanwhile I'll be posting using Chrome.


  1. I'd have bought a bigger suitcase.

  2. Great idea guys!!! But only one permitted on that trip - 3.5 weeks on two ships, three trains, and two planes. . . . . . . perhaps a shipping crate was something I could have considered, IF I'd had the time and money, LOL! I love to hunt for treasures but then get totally exasperated knowing I just can't bring it home.
    Mary -

  3. I haven't noticed a problem, but will pay attention tomorrow. Ohhhhhhhh! The transferware teaset! linens! How hard to resist. The last time I brought home two monogrammed bed sheets, which I still love, love, love.

  4. Oh what fun !! I had the best time when we would take the ride out to the Paris Flea Markets .. I love the vendors and the whole atmosphere :)

  5. Nothing like a French Brocante! What wonderful prices. No problems here posting on blogger.

  6. Oh, don't get me started. It is always the individuals fault, so they say even though nothing has changed. I loved lots of things in your photos. I'm doing my bedroom in country french and over here, it costs too much.

  7. When next I go to France, a trip to the brocante is high on the list. Those linens. The blue and white dishes! All so gorgeous. But finding room for everything will definitely be the problem.

  8. What a lovely jaunt - and I just simply adore the blue teaset!!!! I have a teapot - now I need the rest. So far I've not had any problems with blogger - so far.

  9. Looks fun, Mary. I'm honest enough to admit that I enjoy trawling through places like this; better than watching football, rugby, or cricket...


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