Thursday, May 25, 2017

A thing of beauty, a job forever!

Late May Garden update ~~~~~~~~

We've tried to put the garden straight since returning from Sicily - not easy 
when feeling so rough with Europe's 'bug from hell' which came home with us,
 and weather which although lovely for a couple of days, has now turned cool 
with several continuous rainy days saturating the ground and giving a new growth
 spurt to weeds! Fortunately, two days of tornado activity stayed away from our 
area - we are sad for the North Carolinians who lost their homes in rural
 areas - thankfully there were no deaths or severe injuries.

A swing by the garden center for mulch, potting soil, and packets of herb seeds,
 morning glories and moonflowers to plant in those waiting pots, also brought
 sighs over all the lovely pots of plants, perennials and annuals now in bloom,
 all calling out "choose me" of course!
How could I resist the foxglove, one of my favorites even though it doesn't 
like our hot/humid climate here and will usually only last one summer season.
I've kept it mostly on the porch under cover as the heavy rains came down,
trying to save the flower spires to enjoy on sunny, drier days coming soon.

The hydrangeas have hardly a bloom due to the severe freeze we had in early
 spring killing the new buds - I doubt we'll see those lovely blues this year, or many 
figs on our two trees as they were also hit hard. The jasmines were damaged 
but with a hard prune they have returned and are raucously climbing, blooming
 and perfuming the front porch now.

I took down the nesting boxes as all babies have gone, and I've hung my 
hummingbird feeder early this year in hopes the tiny beauties will
 return as usual. For some reason I feel ahead of myself regarding the 
outdoors for this summer season. Probably due to being away in the non-stop
sunshine and heat of Italy. . . . . . I feel I've had, and enjoyed, my summer already.
I like this feeling though, knowing I still have a good three months ahead where 
I can work around the cottage and garden, relax in the gazebo, perhaps plan some
 outdoor get-togethers with family, friends and neighbors. . . . . . . and maybe take a
 few overnights out of town to enjoy the North Carolina countryside and the
 summer bounty of its farms and markets. 

What are your summertime plans?


  1. Hi Mary - I am back on-line and so enjoyed your holiday photos. Gorgeous. I hope you will continue to feel better now and enjoy your gardens. Everything looks lovely there, so lush. Spring has finally arrived here and we are now planting our gardens. Busy time. xo

  2. None, as my life revolves around my two little girls, the weenies. They are getting old and need me. I too am trying to finish up the garden - planting and weeding and need to get back down to the farm. It is wonderful your garden looks so good since you've traveled. I am fighting powdery mildew or something all over my phlox. I haven't had phlox before and they said you need to start spraying when it first starts growing. Note to self next year. Start spraying phlox.

  3. Welcome home! Though I'm sorry to hear you're both sick. I have so much more to do with planting annuals, too but it's been too cold and rainy here. I can't believe it's the end of May and we're still having non-stop dreary weather and high in the 50's. I need to get to the garden center and buy more potting soil, too.

  4. We have had so much rain here that our house building is 3 months delayed! Hopefully the next few weeks will be dry so the structure can go up and get closed in. This weekend Hendersonville has a garden jubilee downtown and we are going to that. Not to buy plants because we are in this rental, but to buy some garden art and pots. We can't stray far from home this summer until the house is finished, but we hope to do a little traveling this year.

  5. It was like getting a gift of 2 summers this year :)
    I would love to get the hummingbirds to come feed at my place ... but there are bigger and better flowers nearby .. but just getting to see them is a gift to me :)

  6. I'm glad to hear that you are slowly improving in health. I had to laugh at your post title, and agree 100%. Gardening is a lot of work, but usually enjoyable. That's too bad about the hydrangeas not blooming this summer. Perhaps they will surprise you.
    This summer we are mostly sticking close to home. We're going further north on a two-week boating trip that will be a bit of an adventure. And in August, a trip to Alberta to see Tim's mother.

  7. If you are gardening that is a good sign! The foxglove is a stunning, dramatic plant. Do you also grow hollyhocks?

  8. Yes, traveling in the spring does give you a different perspective on the seasons. We started with snow and rain and ended up with hot sun, then returned home to cool and a bit of a shower, but the garden is overgrown. Now onto summer. A couple short trips, but nothing more than that. Enjoy your summer, dear friend!

  9. When you relax in the gazebo I'm guessing it has to be earlier in the day, right? When not so hot?

    Everything looks totally lovely.


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