Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday Morning in May. . . . . . . . .

Sun is up. . . . . . . .it's a lovely start to the day during these early morning hours. 
Perhaps a thunderstorm later in the afternoon as the heat builds, typical late
spring weather in our area. Some garden chores await.

I'm trying to eat more raw fruit, especially from the berry family. 
Because I have some difficulty swallowing it, I've started making 'smoothie' breakfasts. 
 Nothing complicated - for the base I use so good for you Kefir, a couple of ice cubes,
 a handful of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and a third of a banana.
 Toss in some chia seeds, sometimes a half teaspoon of honey, and I'm good to liquefy!

Yes, definitely a promising morning - I'm off to enjoy it.
Have a happy Memorial Day weekend. . . . . . and please remember
 the true meaning of this very special holiday.


  1. What a pretty porch, embellished with such vibrant greenery. Looking at your pics, I'm sure you had a wonderful Saturday, the last one of May.

    Happy Sunday and Memorial Day, tomorrow,

  2. Mornings at your place are so pretty. With our warmer weather, I'm enjoying the garden in the morning here, too. Hope the garden chores aren't too onerous and you can spend time just soaking in the beauty.

  3. Your morning looks so peaceful, Mary. It's morning here now, and a lovely one. When I stepped out o the back porch, first thing at 0600, I could smell the sea. The breeze was just right!

  4. Your house and gardens are so pretty, Mary - I always love seeing photos of both. I make smoothies with fresh berries, too except I don't use any sweetener and I also toss in a handful of baby spinach.

  5. Your house looks like a postcard - so pretty and May-like!
    Sorry to hear you have trouble swallowing fruit. I love fruits and berries and enjoy them most when they come just as they are, preferably picked straight off the tree/shrub etc.

  6. It's a busy time of year with gardening etc. but I love it. I wish our weather was better as so far it's been mostly cool and wet with the odd day of sunshine. Have a good week Mary. xx Pam

  7. Your house is so charming, and it does indeed look like a wonderful day to spend in the garden.

  8. Your smoothie looks so refreshing. I love making them too especially with bananas. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  9. The smoothie sounds delicious. Haven't tried Kefir, but should. Oh the garden after a holiday! Our garden is like a jungle right now.

  10. OOh, that soudns so good. I might have to try that. Well, first, I need a blender! :)


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