Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Expedition to Sicily. . . . . . . . . . . .

WAY we go.

At the airport now. 
Leaving tonight for Italy. . . . . . . . . usual long transatlantic flight to London's
 Heathrow airport, followed by an early morning bus ride south to Gatwick airport. 
 Meeting up there with our friends, and other travelers joining the trip, and we all
 head out together on a flight to Naples. 
The MS Island Sky will be waiting for us and we board early afternoon to be
 whisked away on the evening tide for the overnight sail to our first shore excursion
 just south of Naples, then cross the sea to the beautiful Island of Sicily. 
The red marker on this map is Mt. Etna, hoping to get pictures, but not planning
 to climb as it has been quite active lately!

South of Sicily is the tiny island of Malta and it will be our last stop on the cruise.
All these places will be a first for us so we are very excited about this trip. 

I may not be here blogging for a while - but on the other hand I may just
 pop up unexpectedly if I have Internet access. 
I probably won't be leaving comments but I will read your posts if 
possible, again it all hinges on whether there's Internet available and
 how fast it works on board the ship!

"Arrivederci amici"


  1. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip!

  2. How lovely! We look forward to your gorgeous photos when you are able to share. Enjoy the journey!

  3. It sounds like a lovely trip. It reminds me of the Mediterranean cruise Jim and I took when we retired. We did sail by a small island that was erupting and so beautiful in the evening light. I hope you get to see Malta in the evening light.

  4. Buon viaggio di Mary e Bob!
    I would love to do that cruise, always wanted to visit Malta too!
    Small ships sound like us.
    Make the most of sharing the journey with good friends and tell us all about it when you get back!
    Shane ✈️⛴🇮🇹😘

  5. I'm so glad I popped by to say hello to you this morning. I've missed so much during my house hunting period. Since December our life has been disrupted so much , my blogging had to be put on one side, but now I'm back & looking forward to reading & seeing all your lovely photos of your trip to Sicily. Somewhere I would love to visit. Pleased for you that you are still able to travel. My recollection if my memory is still working is you were suffering badly with your back. I guess things have improved for you.

  6. How amazing to xp that. Looking forward to reading your travel posts, and looking ahead, see there are indeed many.


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