Thursday, May 18, 2017

Setting sail on the blue Mediterranean. . . . . . . .

This lovely journey started on May 2, 2017. 
Over the next couple of weeks (I'm back home now), I'll be sharing
 with you some of the beautiful places we visited in Sicily and Malta.
The entire trip went smoothly with no hitches and near perfect weather, however I,
 then Bob, and several other shipmates were hit by a really tough bug - after three 
days of laryngitis, an awful chest infection kicked in followed by non-stop
 coughing. I have coughed for Italy, Malta, England, and that endless 4,000 miles
 back across the pond where they looked at me like I was 'Typhoid Mary', and now
 here in the USA!
I'm on day eleven now BUT I swear tomorrow I am going to feel better and 
be much quieter so I can sit here and work on my photos and stories.
So, nighty nite - I'm off swigging a mug of hot milk and brandy as I head to bed.

More coming later. Hope you like history, ruins, volcanoes, cathedrals, art,
twisty roads, vineyards, tasting wine, tasting olive oil. . . . . . . and of course 
eating the best pizza and gelato on the planet!


  1. Dear Mary, I'm so sorry to hear about the awful bug caught during your travels - I hope both of you take really good care of yourself now that you are home! It's so much easier to heal at home where you can really rest and relax. But I am certainly looking forward to your posts and beautiful photos. Be well soon!

  2. I'm so sorry you and Bob had to fight this bug. You sound so positive and I admire you for that. I'm a complete baby at the first sign of a sniffle. Be well, Mary.

    Looking forward to hearing of your adventures! Take your time.

    Jane x

  3. I am so sorry the two of you got this bug on your trip! I hope you feel better soon. I am looking forward to hearing all about your trip. I have never been to that part of Italy.

  4. I'm so sorry you and Bob caught a bug. I'm just recovering from a similar situation. Get well soon. I'll be back to see your photos and read all about your trip. Greetings Jo

  5. A beautiful (and comfortable-looking) voyage! Great beginning to a trip to remember.

  6. Mary, I hope you've seen a doctor. Not something you want to hope just goes away, though I pray it does. Too many friends have ended up in the hospital with just such an infection. Take care, my friend.
    I look forward to more wonderful photos of your adventure.

  7. Oh Mary .... you do have such wonderful adventures ..... fantastic photographs as always.
    So sorry that you have not been well. Hopefully, you are feeling a little better now. Nearly everyone had a cough here in the UK which went on and on, then got better but came back again !!! It does go eventually.
    Take care ... have a hot toddy and snuggle down. XXXX

  8. I'm sorry you came down with such a bug. No fun at all! The trip, however, sounds fabulous, and I look forward to reading about it in the weeks to come. Take good care.

  9. May you be well on the mend these days. Sickness is never fun, but it is really miserable when on a trip. The pictures are gorgeous. I am catching up with your posts!

  10. Wow, that is some bug!

    "Hope you like history, ruins, volcanoes, cathedrals, art, twisty roads, vineyards, tasting wine, tasting olive oil. . . . . . . and of course eating the best pizza and gelato on the planet!"
    --YES! Sign me up. Well, yes to everything but not terribly into Volcanos, must say. :)


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