Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Walking slowly with nature -

Natural art ~ rose petals on water.

We actually stepped out, away from hearth and home, and had a chilly
 yet sunny slow walk around part of the neighborhood Saturday afternoon.  
My return visit to the pain clinic on Friday - to chat with the doctor who gave
 me the spinal injection for my herniated disc a month ago - concluded
 with instructions to continue with gentle exercising at home, and to get 
out and walk slowly despite the nerve pain in my right leg!
The injection hasn't given me total relief by any means, however my
 pain seems to have lessened somewhat. Back surgery will be the last 
choice of treatment. Perhaps I'll try a second injection in a couple of
 months to see if that helps.

I took my camera with me to the pond hoping to get some photos of 
something interesting on such a cold winter day.
A couple had stopped by and thrown pretty rose petals into
the water - she told me they do that often as apparently Canada geese
eat them!  We are told not to feed them bread so perhaps recycling
 flower petals is a good idea.

I love the reflections of the bare trees in the pond water.

There were a few Canada geese on the pond and standing around on the banks.

Most surprising were this pair of the cutest diving birds ever. 
Not a great photo as they were quite a distance away. I've never seen them before, but with the help of my bird books I've identified them as Hooded Merganser ducks, a very interesting water bird.
Photos above via Carolina Birds

Not much color anywhere around the pond or woodland, did see
 plenty of Pyracantha though, their berries always a bright spark in winter.

This week started with a steady rain most of yesterday. The garden birds were sheltering in their favorite covered spots such as under the eaves of the potting shed, and of course here on the front porch. The Mockingbird has become quite a companion, often perching on the the outdoor furniture and looking in the dining room window for several minutes. . . . . . . 

. . . . . . and, surprise, yet another amaryllis (the second Apple Blossom), has opened two of four buds and will be another beauty brightening up my indoor garden for another week.
I hope your week is going well.


  1. Oh you were most successful in getting photos of interest. That first one with the rose petals on the water is beyond lovely. The ducks and geese, the visiting mockingbird, all delightful. Praying for ongoing improvement with your back and nerve pain. Take it slow and steady.

  2. Hi Mary! I am so sorry you have so much back pain. My Mom has 7 herniated discs. She went the shot route also. It worked for quite awhile but not now. I feel so bad for her, she can't have surgery for it. I love those Hooded Merganser ducks! They are so beautiful! I have always wanted to see them. As always your photos are beautiful! Feel better my friend!

  3. I love the rose petals on the water! I am sorry that you are still having pain, but glad to hear it is a little less painful. Sending hugs to you both.

  4. Beautiful photos as always - something new though with the rose petals.

  5. Your photos are so beautiful! The clarity is stunning. The water photos and the mockingbird - wow! And oh those tulips and amaryllis...
    Adding my sadness for your pain - I so hope that you will feel better and admire you for getting out there for a walk.

  6. A lovely photo of the rose petals in the pond, Mary, and how interesting to read that Canada Geese like them. I love watching the geese migrating on our trips over there. The little ducks are very striking, and would be good to paint! Hi to your Mockingbird from my Lorikeets this sunny morning, and well done for the Apple Blossom Amaryllis. Mary, I am so sorry you still have the awful back pain, and wish you better days ahead. xoxox

  7. The rose petals on the water, along with the reflections, make for beautiful and unique photos. How lovely to feed rose petals to the birds. I'm glad you have gotten some relief from your leg pain and hope your recovery will continue. Our youngest has such a disc problem right now and her leg pain is so very intense. She went to emergency on Sunday night because it was excruciating. She has two darling little girls, Iris and Cora, and is trying not to pick them up very much, but that's just about impossible. It's a trying time. Hopefully the medication she is on will help somewhat, and then the rest and exercises. The family is rallying around providing meals and help with the girls and laundry and all.

    Take good care, Mary. So glad you could get out and enjoy a beautiful day.

  8. the rose petals on water make such a beautiful, relaxing picture, I think it's lovely and I didn't know geese would eat them which makes it even better :)

  9. That gentle walk sounds perfect, and I am sure it will help with your pain, even if at first it might seem to increase your discomfort.
    The rose petals on water look so beautiful and reminded me of one of my many visits to the palace grounds last year, when after a thunderstorm the rose petals covered the ground underneath a trellised arch walkway like a red and white carpet. I didn't know geese eat them, though.
    Yes, feeding fater fowl with bread is not a good idea, much as they love it.

  10. I can't imagine that Canada Geese get much sustenance from rose petals, but as they might fall into the water naturally I guess that the ecosystem can deal with them. The problem with bread is that it pollutes the water and can eventually kill off most of the life in a small body of water; it's happened here in some village ponds where children have been over-enthusiastic feeding the ducks. Hooded mergansers are certainly some incredible-looking ducks. I hope the doctors are able to find some solution to your back problems - and soon.

  11. Dearest Mary,
    Lovely images and the floating rose petals are very nice.
    Love the mockingbird!
    As for your berries, they are Nandina berries: https://harmonyinthegarden.com/winter-berries-in-the-garden/
    They seem to be toxic to Cedar waxwings...

  12. Dear Mary, the second photo is so beautiful that I would hang it in a huge format over my table here in Bavaria!

  13. Dear Mary,
    I'm so sorry that you have received only a little improvement in your back pain. Maybe the next treatment will improve your health.
    Just to amuse my Canada Geese and all the othr critters on the pond I might throw them a bouquet of roses.

  14. Oh my, all your photos are gorgeous! The rose petals on water is indeed like art. Thanks for the capture with your camera.


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