Thursday, September 9, 2010

Celebrate French decor................

Of course, no French street band will actually be tooting their horns to celebrate the little shop Vanessa and I will be opening soon at SuzAnna's Antiques...........

..............and our venue will not be quite as historic and crumbling, in true European style, as was this shop and apartment with exquisite windows and doors, for sale in Apt, Provence - I wanted to buy it so badly!

Staying here at La Madone in Apt was when I realized just how much I love this style.  A fabulous mix of old European country, French antiques and clean, fresh and neutral colors with years of patina and chipped paint finishes.

Throw in a little silk, velvet, lots of linen from finely woven to crunchy country mixtures, and hemp such as in grain sacks and utility cloth.

Chandeliers, crystals sparkling, a definite must have.....

..............with decorative mirrors and wood shutters, re-purposed here as dividing walls between bedroom and bathroom.

Some sweet oil paintings, frames unnecessary.

Celebrating life in Provence, France ~ 2008

Our opening is delayed a week.  The new building is still having finishing touches completed - it's going to look awesome!


  1. I am soooo excited for you! It will be an amazing shop. Can't wait to see pictures of it!

  2. .... a taste of what's to come. Yum. I left another comment on the prior post!!!!

  3. I love your pictures from Provence. It would be nice if your shop looked European, but I think you are naturally going to give it a bit of that look, Mary.

    Can't wait for the grand opening and to see pictures!

  4. Love, love seeing your apartment at La Madone. It has a feel much like the apartment we stayed in, but yet more opulent. While I was there I was leafing through a magazine in the apartment and found our kitchen from the apartment we were in. Such fun and such beauty. It sounds like you will have so much fun with your adventure. Enjoy every moment. Now you will have to go on shopping trips. Not such a bad idea.

  5. Oh Mary I am hearing the music that isn't there.LOL I am so happy for you and your friend. I love to see anyone have a dream come true. I have gone back and read a few of your posts that I missed and wow, is all I can say. I am especially in love with the paintings. Will be looking for the new pics. The best to both of you.

  6. I love this, Mary. Looking forward to the opening!

  7. What wonderful images! I do love my travels here!

    It you love tea, I am hosting my "It's Almost Autumn" Tea Giveaway! Pop on over!

    Smiles, KJ

  8. What a dream come true for you. This is very exciting. The very best to you and your grand opening. Happy selling and shop keeping...

  9. Your photo's and blog are so lovely. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such nice comments. Hope you'll come back again. I'm not too used to it yet so if you see something I can do to improve it feel free to let me know. Looking forward to meeting you at Penny's.

  10. What beautiful photos, and what a way to celebrate!


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