Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nothing goes as planned!

Image from Cote Sud

All I want is to be back to neat, clean, organized and tidy.  A room such as this would make me happy..................but of course I'll never have one because DH would be scared to sit down..........and I'd never allow his big, old, ugly leather recliner in a room so bright and beautiful!!!

Speaking of ugly!!!  As mentioned in my last post, carpenter is now added to the list of men parading through and around the cottage.  Not that the carpenter is bad looking, if you like guys with ponytails and drooping mustaches!  He did arrive by bright red convertible sports car to estimate the job - guess at the huge going hourly rate, a grown man playing with wood can afford such fancy wheels..........when not hauling boards in the pickup truck!  Seriously though, the water damage to window sills, porch post, and lots of siding boards, has to be addressed prior to the new paint job.  Guess it's like having the right undies before putting on the lovely gown!

Should have bought an all brick cottage!

Hope this is not some little creature's home!

Amazing what was hiding behind my lovely shrubs!

Well said Leonardo!


  1. Hi Mary, hope you are doing well. I always love your posts. I have a few of those areas of imperfection hiding around the old homestead myself. Look forward to seeing you soon at the Depot!! Hugs and well wishes, Janna

  2. Looks like a lot of the same issues we have faced in the last year or so. Hopefully we will not have more challenges wheb we go to paint the exterior next summer.

  3. Oh yipes! My in laws are having their house painted next week and are going through the same thing~

  4. It seems like any home improvement we do always has hidden problems. I guess it's better to find them now. Love the last quote from Leonardo.

  5. LOL....Mary, I can just imagine all the noise and mess that is going on. I always say, "you have to have a whole lot of ugly, before you can have the beauty."

    Just keep saying a mantra, like "it will all be over soon, and worth it!"

  6. Oh! That is some job ahead of you. Take it one step at a time. Love your post, wish you would come be a follower..

  7. Hi Mary!
    I want to comment on your last post. YOur dining room is GORGEROUS!! I love the way you have all your china displayed in the hutch. Your home is so lovely can't wait to see more!
    Pamela xo

  8. If it ever stops raining up here, we're to have the exterior of our house painted this fall. We'll keep the same colour - there isn't a lot to be done, as part of the house is stone - it will spruce things up considerably!

  9. Oh, Mary...what a headache this must be. One thing always leads to another.

    Here's wishing this all ends soon and that you are back to simplicity!


  10. Good luck this next week with the work needing done. Isn't it always the way it goes, more is found that needs to be taken care of. Love the simplicity picture at the end.

  11. Mary
    Oh I'm so sorry... I too hate messes and construction and renovation.
    I do love newly decorated spaces and cleanliness and neatness!
    Thus we've put off redoing our kitchen.... I've heard such horror stories.
    But oh I can barely tolerate my 1960's style kitchen...urghgh. But am using this time we are procrastinating to dream and plan.
    At least I can pick up the magazines and books and tuck them away when I'm done dreaming and planning!
    When are you projected to finish all this repair/painting?!

  12. Mary, been there done that! I feel for you. I agree with Penny though. Just keep focused on all the beauty that this will bring. ;-)
    Nothing like new wood and fresh paint. ~ Sarah

  13. Ah yes, it is amazing what can be found when I start looking around this place!!!


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