Monday, September 20, 2010

Buying the store.....

If you've ever worked retail in a shop selling things you love, you've probably ended up spending your paycheck before going home!  Looks like the same thing can happen when hanging around fabulous SuzAnna's Antiques
On a sweltering mid-September afternoon, while primping your own booth, you also peek into other dealers' spaces and there, hiding in a never before noticed corner, are treasures such as these!

This one is MINE!

My heart pounded! Hopefully this is not dangerous for a woman of a certain age. Was I back in a French brocante?  This pair of old, very heavy, 'make a statement' large, solid brass sconces, dripping with old crystals, heavily foxed and bevelled mirrors..........very French looking for sure.  They had my name on them.  I bought them. I'm supposed to be selling to you, not buying for myself, hope DH is not reading this post! No way could these be tucked into a suitcase in Paris and hauled back across the pond to North Carolina......even if I threw away all my clothes, shoes, and travel accessories at Charles de Gaulle airport!

I'm cleaning them up a bit, adding missing crystals, will perhaps just keep one - I'm not necessarily into pairs - the other may soon be for sale in my booth at SuzAnna's Antiques.

FYI - Sam is a dealer at SuzAnna's Antiques.  Sam knows what I like (as in crave) when it comes to French pretties.  When a teenager it was French boys - they came across the English Channel to my seaside town to learn English in the Summer holidays (if my brother, who now lives in France, is reading this I expect a comment, please!).  Now I'm too old for those adorable boys, but the antiques and vintage beauties from France I'll grab, take home, and swoon over instead!

Loving this shopkeeping {ad}venture already.  Thanks for your lovely comments and encouragement.


  1. Oh!! I would have scooped them up to, if I were you. They are gorgeous!

  2. What fabulous sconces Mary! No wonder you scooped them up :o)
    (I used to sell at antique and collectors fairs so I well know the temptations that lurk there....keep a few things for swapsies, you might just save yourself a few dollars).
    Thank you for your sweet comments, and welcome to my blog.

  3. I was so glad you had found such lovely sconce. They're fabulous!!!! I might have to buy the other one from you!! That way, every time we visit each other's home, we'll see the lovely things that once belonged to us. What do you think? Love, Vanessa

  4. They are gorgeous! I did leave clothes in a hotel room in Venice to make room for some things I purchased while in Italy.

  5. Oh, the fun of being on the "front line" of retail. Mary, these had your name all over them. I'm so happy they went home with you. ~ sarah

  6. They have my heart pounding, too!


  7. LOL! Yup Jason cringes every time I come home from the shop with a bag!!!!

  8. Oooh, I love this.. I don't think that I could pass it up. Carla

  9. I could never make a profit working/owning a charming shop like this!!!! French boys ~~ I might have known.

  10. This is going to be a very expensive venture for

  11. Lovely sconces and I can see why you just had to have them. Your shop is looking super. Happy selling...

  12. That is sooo true. I always feel like I buy more than I make. Yoday I will not look at a thing at The depot!! Yeah right, Hugs, Have a great week! Janna

  13. I can see why you'd buy the store.. Love the sconces..

    xoxo Gert

  14. Oh! I would be happy to have just one of them!! Hubby keeps saying we are running out of wall space to which I remind him that is why we have the different seasons so I can rotate my stuff!!


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