Sunday, September 5, 2010

Loving Cote Sud

Hope you're hanging out somewhere beautiful and relaxing this Labor Day weekend. 

As I've recently enjoyed my Summer vacation waterside at gorgeous northern California Lake Almanor, I can only sigh over these amazing images from Cote Sud magazine, one of my favorites.  Somewhere on the Mediterranean coast some lucky people are enjoying their Summer vacation days here.

If you labored hard all week you may decide to lie in on this holiday weekend.  Wouldn't this be the perfect place?  Perhaps, after sleeping late, a dear one would tap on the door with a unadorned, just strong and black, with crisp buttered toast and chunky English marmalade would be my choice..............and a sweet smelling rose on the side reminding me that Summer days will be ending soon. 

I'm looking forward to about you?


  1. Hi Mary
    What a dreamy looking place! We are spending the weekend with family in Florida. Certainly not a gorgeous place like that but being with family is always a special time to be enjoyed. Can't wait to see you for the bloggers' brunch at Penny's.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  2. That is a place i'd like to be. I am drawn to the ocean. The heat is leaving and I am excited for the Fall.


  3. What a gorgeous place that you featured here. I think the lake where you are visiting is really pretty too. I know you have had a wonderful time visiting there. The air is much cooler here this weekend and it feels like fall is slowly creeping in. Thank goodness! I am so looking forward to meeting everyone at Penny's blog brunch in October. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful holiday weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. Oh how I would love to be in that photo!!! We have not had a real vacation in almost two years!!
    Too many things breaking around here like the a/c units in ours and my daughter's home! I do love the beach in the fall though.
    I am so ready for fall after this hot/humid summer. We woke up this morning to 52 degrees! Wonderful!!!
    Hope you have a great Sunday!
    Take Care,

  5. We spent yesterday at the beach too, but the South of France looks a lot prettier than Normandy!
    What stunning photography.

  6. Those pictures just take my breath away, just beautiful for dream'n. Looking forward to Fall, I am not sure. We had so little of summer here I guess I want to be selfish and hope for a little more. But yes, I have started pulling out some fall decorations and picked light orange dahlias this morning to bring inside. My heart yearns for more sunshine, by my soul wants to be wrapped in a quilt with a warm cup of tea.

  7. Maybe we can talk Paula into send us there!! hehehe!! What a beautiful spot! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. I'm starting to see hints of autumn here-gold shades starting to appear in the trees, grapes heavy and purple, and a little coolness in the air every morning. I hate to see summer end myself. I love the long days of sunshine.

  9. Yes a beautiful place in those photos. It is definitely cooler here, thank goodness. I love fall. Already the leaves are starting to fall. Someone will be barbering my landscape soon too, but not HH or myself. The rooms will look beautiful.

  10. Oh, wouldn't I just love to be spending time in the south of France. Thanks for the visual visit. ~ sarah

  11. Hi Mary:
    I commented earlier in the year that we would be going *home* to England and a trip to France and Spain. I had contacted the owner of La Madonne with a view to staying there.
    Unfortunately, because of the volcano ash situation, we only got to Spain. How disappointed I was not to visit France.
    We did however, journey all over South of England including a lovely stay with a friend who has a home on the beach in Cornwall.
    Maybe next time.................


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