Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Are you familiar with the saying "England is a nation of shopkeepers"?  It's one of Napoleon Bonaparte's quotations.  Only a Frenchman would notice something like that, perhaps because they have a billion little family run shops everywhere too, from Paris to Provence!

Kitchen shop in Aix-en-Provence - 2008

Yes, in England, as long ago as I can remember..............the English loved opening little shops selling everything from Earl Grey tea and scones fresh from the oven (everyone loves a teashop), to prim and proper school uniforms (which I had to wear!), all very British!  Even today, neighborhood shops struggle to keep going in the shadow of behemoth chain stores.

Shops are often in historic buildings such as these timbered 15th century Elizabethan ones in the beautiful river town of Dartmouth in Devon................

Kitchen shop in Teignmouth, Devon - 2009

........or even smaller trading spaces where it's necessary to display goods outside on the pavement.....

............because there's so much piled up inside.  My favorites - stacks of creamy white china!

Some English shopkeepers still live above the shop..................this is one of my favorites with bowed windows making it feel quite Dickensian.  They sell a little of this and a bit of that.  It's in the Devon resort town of Teignmouth where my cousin and her family live.

Here, whiling away a hour or so around the harbor at low tide in pretty Polperro, Cornwall a few years ago.....

................I found a shop that could only be in England, and it was for sale.  Wonder if anyone has since bought it and opened up to sell something very small!

If you're wondering why I'm "talking shop"..........come back tomorrow and I'll share some fun news with you!


  1. Wonderful photographs as always, Dartmouth looks like a pretty town, it reminded me a little of Winchester.
    Coming back tomorrow for the "news flash".

  2. I know I know why!!! hehehe!! I want the blue and white striped china...just my colors and style! Thanks for sharing!

  3. News? You have me pondering. Those shops look so cute, it was what I was expecting the first time I went to Ireland, but sadly I didn't find such places. Oh well, maybe I just need to go to Devon. Back tomorrow!

  4. Gorgeous images - let's organise a shopping trip!

  5. Perfect reinforcement of why Cornwall and Devon are my favorites!!!

  6. Hello Mary,

    I hope your Labor Day weekend was enjoyable. Weather good?

    I have to say that I could probably spend hours in those shops. I love the baskets sitting in front of McGregors. I'll have one of each item!

    Again, the harbor view is my favorite. A couple of hours just wouldn't be enough...

  7. Oh thank you for the wonderful "shopping trip". Your photos are so fun to see. Looking forward to your exciting news tomorrow. Happy week to you...

  8. I have been enjoying your blog for about 2 years now and England and all things English are very dear to me. We had the privilege of visiting there for a month in 1992 with another couple and 4 kids in tow. I so want to return. Today's post is lovely, especially the shops. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I have been following your blog for about 2 years and enjoy all your travels and adventures, especially England. We had the opportunity to visit there for a month in 1992, such a long time ago now, with another couple and 4 kids in tow. I would dearly love to return for another visit some day. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I always dreamt of opening a small shop and living above it.l Love seeing the pictures of shops in England. Look forward to your news tomorrow. A shop????

  11. I'd love a little shop! They are so fun! I want to live in a little village where you walk everywhere! Thanks for sharing the pics!
    Hugs, Lisa

  12. Shopkeeping seems so much more cozy in France. So many shops miss it here.


  13. The village looks like a place that I would love to walk through, and doing the same thing that you did.....taking photos!! Beautiful!


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