Monday, September 6, 2010

Sprucing up the cottage...............

Today, despite this Labor Day holiday, I'm up early and I will be laboring, getting the cottage ready for good clean fun.  Well not actually fun.............more like just clean, as in new paint.  Yes, it's time again to clear off the porch, cut down the vines climbing up the posts - this breaks my heart as the jasmines have grown so well and looked so healthy this Summer despite the heat - shear off those gigantic hydrangeas, and give major haircuts to other larger shrubs in the front beds.  The area is looking sad and bare but I'm looking on the positive side. Perhaps all this barbering will rejuvenate the older plants, some fried to a crisp during this broiling Summer, give me a chance to amend the soil this Autumn, and hope for fresh new bloom next Spring.  The overgrown, blowzy, English garden look is history for a few years!  I'm telling myself it's all part of the push toward 'simplicity' both inside and outside the cottage..................

...................and as if that's not enough upheaval scheduled for the next two weeks, there's more!  Inside is getting a makeover too as tomorrow my painter will start removing the texture on the living room, kitchen, and entry hall ceilings, a messy job but it will look so much better once done.  Then he'll be painting the living room to lighten and freshen - changing the five year old pale sage 'Moselle' to Valspar's 'Bistro White'. 

I'm to be banned from the kitchen for a couple of days while it's wrapped in plastic - perhaps I'll have more time to blog and get caught up with you all.  I do know that we'll be heading to our favorite restaurants if we need nourishment!  I apologize for my lack of comments these past few weeks, I've been looking at your blog posts, but had little time to write most has been hectic all Summer, and it won't be slowing down for a while by looks of it!


  1. SO glad you are back, I've missed you! Love the pictures and thank you for encouraging me to do the same-clean and primp. See you soon? hugs, Mary Ann

  2. Love your new banner! What a lovely home you have! Enjoy the freshness of your new home once it's painted. Thx for stopping by my blog. Tom loved the Mermaid!

  3. It sounds like exciting and lovely things are happening at your home, Mary! I love the name of the white your picked...Bistro will be perfect!

  4. We have been at the lake a week, tomorrow. When we get home, tomorrow evening, the first thing I will be doing is clear the back porch, in preparation for Fall.

    Mary, these images are gorgeous!!

    Looking forward to seeing the changes you are making to your beautiful home.

    Happy Labor Day!

  5. Looks like you have a lot on your plate in the next few weeks! I can't wait to see the new color on your walls. Have a wonderful Labor Day!


  6. We're having our house painted too, and I dread the pulling down of all the gorgeous vines - but it must be done if the place is to avoid looking like something from the back of the bayou!

  7. Sounds like things will be busy at your house, but so nice when finished. I hate those textured ceilings. Enjoy your time of eating out! We are in a mess at our house. Three bedrooms in our upstairs have been painted and now we are waiting to have new flooring installed. My house is a wreck, but we will enjoy it so much when we are done. It just takes time. Have a great Labor Day. Love & blessings from NC!

  8. You are doing that Mary and I have to leave lovely Lake Almanor and go back to the congestion of modern life at my "work home" - so all is sad isn't it? Paula

  9. Mary, it's never fun for me to go through this part, but just think how nice it will be once it is done. I don't enjoy workmen in our home, but I do love a fresh new look. Hope the time passes quickly. ~ sarah

  10. Lovely pictures. You'll find that your rooms are lighter and brighter without the popcorn on the ceilings. You may need fewer lamps at night, too.

  11. But won't it be so worth it when it is done. Enjoy the time away from the kitchen. I will look forward to seeing how it all looks when it is done.

  12. I love your new photo on your blog title Mary!
    I cannot wait to see the end result ! I know it will be beautiful!!

    OH and i love those soaps in the photo!!!!! Love french milled soap it is a luxury i allow myself!
    Pamela xo

  13. Well, I can sympathize Mary. We get the keys to our new house in just under two weeks and have to start on a 5 week rush of renovating and moving in. Right now, I am slowly boxing up rooms. We sit in a living room with 3/4 of our things in boxes around us. First, off to France on Monday for a short vacation with a number of our quilting friends and then back home to full steam ahead.

    Enjoy your favorite places to eat and having a 'new' home again.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  14. You always share the most amazing photos to illustrate your home and your life, thanks!

  15. Always so funny to me to hear you refer to your (nearly) palatial-size home as a "cottage." Makes me smile & think of the "cottages" of English and French royalty! Good luck with the re-do.

  16. Oh no Ann, nothing palatial about it I assure you! Compared to new homes, located in posh subdivisions around this area, which ARE nearly as spacious as palaces, my house is definitely of the cottage variety, very small! I love it though and would have no idea how to decorate and feel cozy in a so-called "McMansion".

    Thanks for the comment - hope life is good as you haven't posted for some time now.

  17. Your place always looks charming and cozy!!


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