Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Will they come?

Having a place to sell one's wares is a lot of fun.  For me it brings back memories of 'playing shop' as a child where I would save empty packages, tins, and bags, line them up on a piece of furniture and 'sell' to my mum or my next door neighbor girl friend.  I guess that's how I learned to make change.  I also loved wrapping items - especially tying pretty bows, and was often named 'best gift wrapper' in the family.

Now I'm playing shop again, selling alongside my booth partner Vanessa.  We started out small last weekend, displaying treasures we've been saving for a while.  We've hunted and gathered together over the past two plus years, having more fun in often grungy thrift and antiques shops than ever possible in a shiny mall.

Above, Vanessa's awesome handmade pillows from grain sacks and lovely fabrics, and the ugly yellow chair she painted French grey and slip covered in soft burlap ~ I'm tempted to take this one home myself!

Oh yes, we love the awesome style of Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs, but their offerings are very expensive for many of us with a limited decorating budget.  Instead, formerly loved and owned, old and tattered, chipped and scraped, even almost new and perfect treasures can be a lot of fun and bring the look you want for your home without the huge price tags dangling before your shocked eyes at the mall!

We will also be bringing pretty jewels to our little shop ~ nothing precious, just lovely things to wrap around your wrist or neck, slip on your finger.

Vanessa's quilted coasters and rose strew burlap table runner ~ I love these alongside a mix of old silverware ~ getting that modern farmhouse feeling, so lovely to live with.

When I popped into SuzAnna's Antiques on Sunday afternoon I found Bruce back in our booth repairing a cracked window pane ~ love how the light shines in on our treasures.  Bruce and Susie had also spent much of their afternoon adding another wall made from fabulous vintage painted doors, and topped with a shelf, on the other side of our booth, giving us more display options.  They are just marvelous people who love helping their dealers get the most from their space.

Later this week I'll have more pics to show.  My huge painting project at the cottage is done at last - I waved a happy au revoir to the men in white and what looked like fifty ladders yesterday, thank goodness!  This morning DH and I will be putting our outside areas back together, but come tomorrow, Vanessa and I will be shopping so you just know we'll have lots more to add to our booth!


  1. I just found your "old" blog a few days ago and I am smitten! I love both of your blogs. I've been trying to catch up ever since I found you.

    Great stuff!!!

    XO Kelly

  2. Thanks you dear! It all looks fabulous!! I'm having so much fun and I also want to go there everyday if I could! Love, Vanessa

  3. It all looks beautiful. I'd be there in a flash if I could!

  4. Hey, this looks like so much fun! Everything is displayed just perfectly. Well done, my friend. Beautiful.

  5. Yes ... they will come ~ and they will purchase!

  6. Mary, I can definitely say from having received one of your beautifull wrapped packages that YOU so deserve the honor of Best Gift Wrapper!. Each treasure you sent to me was wrapped with exquisite taste and obvious love. The presentation was as delightful as the gift within.
    The booth looks fabulous! ~ Sarah

  7. The string and manuscripts look fabulous in that hurricane. All displayed so beautifully, I'm sure things will be sold soon as they all look so attractive.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  8. Your photos are artistry in themselves! That last one with the light glinting off the silver is amazing.

    A few photos up, I love that little glass dish with the seashell legs that is currently holding a candle.

  9. It looks lovely I know you guys will have a great time finding goodies to sell! I need to get back out and see what I might need from your sweet booth! Congrats and best of luck!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. Just as you loved playing shop owner when you were young, today I read your post and pretended I was a customer!! I wanted to buy everything in the store! I love the way you have everything presented like a treasure...you might just sell out your first week.


  11. Yes, the sun shining in to highlight your lovely wares is just perfect. Happy shopping...

  12. I am telling you Miss Mary! Mom and I need to hire you as our advertiser!! hehehe!! See you tomorrow! Can't wait!

  13. Everything looks wonderful and I can't wait to visit.

  14. I wish you luck. Your things are beautiful. When things settle down for me, I will have to drive down and check out your booth. I really like your things. Love & blessings from NC!

  15. Absolutely wonderful Mary!

  16. I so wish I could come shopping there!
    Thank you for your lovely catch-up comment on my post, it's good to keep in touch!

  17. Looking good Mary. Can't wait to get over to visit!

  18. Hi Mary, I love your shop and all that is in it. I am so happy you and Vanessa are doing this together. Your displays are lovely. Congratulations and loving good wishes for a huge success.

    Can't wait to see you in Oct. at Penny's lovely home.
    Love you, Jeanne

  19. Mary..Ahhh...everything is sooo beautiful. Wish I lived closer, I would love to visit your shop!!

    xoxo Gert

  20. Even though I started reading the newer posts first this time, the start up of your booth looks just as good as your newer ones! The two of you have such a charming booth!!
    Take Care,


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