Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gifts from a 'sweet' heart . . . . . .

Sometimes you get what you want!

Sometimes someone special knows just what you want would like.
I loved this mug - creamy white, free form shape, and a word, 
a perfect word, CALM - it arrived on my birthday and my coffee 
has tasted better ever since, honest! 
Let's face it, one can never have 
too many mugs, for coffee, tea, and always flowers.

But wait, there's more to the story . . . . . . . . 

Not often, but sometimes if you're lucky, that sweet someone also works
where what you would truly love to have is waiting. It's been waiting for a while
and bringing it home was considered several times.
You know how SuzAnna's Antiques has treasures anew each time I 
stop by. Sometimes I have to tell myself 'no' and keep my money tucked away 
for necessities rather than indulgences.

The 'sweet' heart worked at SuzAnna's last Sunday on my birthday. When we picked her up 
at five o'clock to enjoy a birthday supper together (her 18th was on Saturday - look HERE),
she surprised me beyond all expectations with the perfect coffee mug, and the 
beautiful dome, on a walnut base, to round off my collection.

My now complete dome collection. Left - Jasmin's fabulous birthday gift, center - an 
extra tall beauty, and right - the large gorgeous oval.

Just think of the fun I'll have with these at Christmas.
Thank you Jasmin, you've really made me a happy grandma.


  1. oh how sweet and so thoughtful for you. What fab birthday gifts.

    Oh those glass covers are beautiful too!

    Bless Jasim. Not many Grandchildren think of Grandmas like that. She knows just what Grandma liked. Your right coffee mugs are nice. Nice to exchange and enjoy many.

    My friends always buy me different serviettes and teas. It is a women's joy of calmness. Time alone or time shared with family, friends.With gifts such as these.
    You were able to go for supper. Sounds like she had a 18th Birthday. I must go have a look where you have enter.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Jasmin knows what her grandmother love's! How sweet of her.

  3. What a very special granddaughter you have. Lovely and thoughtful gifts from Jasmin. The mug is wonderful and I know you will enjoy decorating your new dome. x Pam

  4. How delightful to receive a gift you haven't requested but someone knows exactly what your tastes are. Love the mug. Calm is a good way to start the day. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with it at Christmas.

  5. Happy birthday Mary. You have a very special granddaughter. Lucky for you too that she works at SuzAnna's. LOL.

  6. Dear Mary, It is exactly what your vignette needed. The arrangement of the three glass domes and the other artifacts is spot on. How sweet of your granddaughter to give you such a lovely present.

  7. What perfectly, wonderful, thoughtful gifts from a grand daughter that knows you.
    I love the dome and the mug would be perfect also for tea. Wow! lucky you.

  8. How sweet and thoughtful! Perfect!

  9. What a lovely gift and even more special because it came from Jasmine. One of these days I have to come and see you and you take me to Suzanna's.


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