Saturday, October 25, 2014

Today is special . . . . . . . .


  1. Happiest of birthdays to your granddaughter. And possibly to you, too, this weekend. Enjoy celebrating life and love!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday, Jasmin! Wishing you all the best day and all the days ahead.

  3. I hope that your granddaughter has a wonderful birthday. She's a lovely young lady.

  4. Happy 18th birthday to your stunningly beautiful granddaughter ♡

  5. Beautiful Jasmin has the whole world at her feet and she is 18 years old today. Happy Birthday to your lovely granddaughter.

  6. Happy birthday to that beautiful young gal!

  7. "Oh, happiest birthday, Jasmin. I can't decide if YOU are the most beautiful or your NAME" . LOL
    Mary, she is absolutely breathtaking...and, from experience, I know EXACTLY how she makes your heart sing. There's no doubt...we were born to be grandmothers. :)

  8. Happy birthday wishes to your beautiful granddaughter, Jasmin. She is such a natural beauty. Enjoy the celebrations.

  9. Oh to be eighteen again!
    Wishing your beautiful granddaughter Jasmin the happiest 18th birthday!
    What a joy she is to you Mary!
    I know how much you treasure your relationship and the fun times you share together.
    I can imagine in years to come she will always remember how her beautiful Grandmother taught her so many things in life.
    An appreciation of the arts and antiquing and the desire to broaden her horizons with travel!
    Jasmin may already have the travel bug, after hearing both you and Bob telling her stories about your exotic travels abroad!
    Here's to an exciting life ahead for your dear Jasmin.
    God Bless her

  10. Happy belated Birthday to Jasmin!
    She is just gorgeous!

  11. oh Jasmin is a beautiful looking Miss. What a joy she is in your life. You are truly blessed.

    Happy Birthday again. I did wish you that on your first blog of the gifts you received.


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