Saturday, November 15, 2014

Antiques in Asheville. . . . .

If you're into antiques and vintage treasures, whatever you collect, whatever your 
passion for old, chipped, cracked and quirky may encompass, you just might find 
something special in Asheville, North Carolina.

Touring through the magnificent Biltmore House, stocked with priceless antiques 
and breathtaking treasures is definitely a must see when you're in town, but if you're 
on a decorating budget like me, trolling through some quite amazing depositories of 
old stuff, or other peoples' junk as a certain guy I know calls it - no names here - you 
just might find what you've been looking for. As you know, to those of us who see 
beauty in the old, it's called 'treasure hunting'.

Sharing here some things that caught my eye at my favorite places - ScreenDoor, 
Tobacco Barn,  and Oddfellows. Time was too short on this recent visit to stop 
at several more exciting places. . . . . but there's always next time!

You may recall that I love santos and have a couple from former trips to Asheville. . . . . didn't buy this time, but enjoyed looking.


  1. What a treasure trove! It is always fun to look!

  2. I enjoyed looking too! I visit the shops in my area frequently and always enjoy it. Though I call them vintage shops now because there is so much stuff from the 50's. Stuff like my mom had when I was little that I don't necessarily want. I think we have a attic full of that at my sisters house we need to go through.

  3. I do love to wander through an antique shop. This one had a ton of goodies in it.

  4. Such interesting finds. I love that wooden dough bowl. How versatile it would be for many occasions throughout the year.

  5. We visited The Screen Door (my third time) and I think A liked it a lot. Especially the garden furniture and pieces outside the entrance. Perhaps in the spring he will be more enthusiastic about making a purchase. You have to let me know the other place you haunt!! I will make a note of the two you mentioned in your post.

    Jane xx

  6. Mary,

    How pricey are those Santos? There are none around here and the very few I see online are prohibitive. Our monthly flea market was the victim of EBay. Now there are none.

    1. Yes, they are expensive online and even some of those large ones in the antiques/vintage shops are pricey - perhaps in the $50-200 range.
      I always look in thrift shops hoping but have never found one there!

  7. The closest place for me for really cool antiques is Stillwater, MN. Dan used to humor me on our trips to the Twin Cities but those days are long gone.

  8. I love all of the places you mentioned, as you know. It is getting a little cold now to shop at Tobacco Barn, because that metal building has very little heat!

  9. How I would love one of those santos. I love strolling through antique shops with you and seeing what catches your eye.
    Friday I will be strolling through a holiday event at my favorite shop and hoping for delights to catch my eye and see what
    the latest trend is in collecting. Always fun with the camera, because my house can't hold much more.


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