Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Almost dry!

A quick update on my recent post HERE about drying beautiful hydrangeas 
naturally, easily.

They rustle softly. . . . .their flexible stems now stiffened, waiting to be trimmed 
as each delightful bloom is tucked into a vase, a pot, perhaps a table centerpiece, 
or even a holiday wreath for a door or window. 

I love these crusty painted pots with matching saucers - purchased at the 
Holiday Open House last week from Two Old Birds located at The Vintage Village. 
I'll be using them in my Christmas decorating.

Anyway, just ten days out and already the cut blooms have almost finished 
soaking up the water in the vase. Petals are now mostly crisp and somewhat 
shriveled, colors more muted but still very pretty.
The day after cutting these we were hit with an entire week of below freezing nights,
 unusual for this area in November. Several remaining blooms I'd planned to cut later
 for drying were completely zapped the first night. So this is it for the year - just enough
 to tuck into winter and Christmas decor along with some others from last year which 
actually still look good. . . .you can see them in the olive basket in my current header.

If you've been drying your hydrangeas, I hope you've a big bunch of really pretty
ones to enjoy around the home through the winter months.


  1. They are beautiful! We did not have big enough hydrangeas in our little porch pots to clip and dry any of them. I will certainly be wanting to dry my bridal bouquet post-wedding, though! So you do not hang them upside down to dry them? I've read an article or two that talks about hanging... but who has a place for that?! We certainly don't with three evil kitties lurking around... The color in the photographs from your November 14th post are AMAZING! And it looks like they are holding a nice muted version of those colors, even in the drying phase!

    xo Cassie

  2. Yours are looking beautiful Mary. We only had one bloom this year because of last winters wrath. Hopefully this winter will be a little milder. If I don't have another chance to say it, Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Mary, your hydrangeas dried beautifully into such a soft blue grey. Mine got ahead of me this year but I still have some dried from last year. I love those rustic pots! Enjoy the day.

  4. The colours are so subtle and would look lovely in those vases. Mine have nearly used all the water and are a lovely rusty pink. I can't wait to make an arrangement. Enjoy the rest of your week xx

  5. Those are just lovely, Mary. I grow both Annabelles and Limelights in the garden. My Limelights tend to dry better. And I usually wait until they turn slightly pinkish. Happy Thanksgiving~ Cheers

  6. The colors of your hydrangeas are just lovely. I love that you do this every year.
    For some reason I didn't save them this year, but did enjoy them in several bouquets.
    The pots you will use for the holidays are wonderful too. Can't wait to see what you
    do with them.

  7. So pretty - and just perfect for your style of decorating.

  8. They are looking gorgeous Mary.
    Another of my bloggy pals, sprays her hydrangeas with spray adhesive and then dips them in a bag of snow (not the real stuff).
    They looked wonderful and make a perfect Christmas table arrangement!
    I can't believe it's now less than a month until Christmas - can you?
    I've been thinking of you.


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