Sunday, November 16, 2014

There is a season, a time for everything. . . . . .

Awaking to this scene beyond the front porch yesterday morning 
was quite a surprise. The first night with temperatures dropping below
freezing caused all the fig leaves to fall at once, carpeting the ground
in soft and muted greens, golds, even figgy purples.

I thought it all quite a magical sight.
This really was the color - Carolina Blue - of the sky yesterday while we were 
working in the garden.

We raked up all those leaves.
Two or three green figs are left hanging on - a winter feast for 
a lucky squirrel or hungry little bird.
So it's farewell to our lovely, leafy fig trees - we have two - for this year.
This one, the Celeste, was definitely prolific this past season. . . . . . 
I'm still handing out pots of Fig & Lemon and Fig & Ginger jam. 


  1. Don't you just love it when the sky looks like that?!
    I have never tasted fig jam, now I need to find some.

  2. Fun how they all fell at once! We are enjoying your fig jams (I sneaked a little taste).

  3. Wow...that's amazing that the leaves all fall at once like that. We keep looking up at the apple and maple wondering when all the leaves will fall or how many more raking exercises we will be enjoying. The pear has lost all it's leaves. Fig jam sounds real good!

  4. Our fig tree (very small yet) has its leaves curled against the slight frost we've been having, but the leaves are hanging on tightly. I hope I get some figs next summer - some varmint stole all of them just before I was going to get them.

  5. The shape of those leaves is so attractive. Bye bye to the fig season!

  6. Wonderful photos - I love it when the sky is that color. Your jam sounds wonderful.

  7. Dear Mary, Wish I had a fig tree. Lovely photographs.

  8. Oh I haven't looked at my fig tree since we had freezing temps. I must check it out in the morning.
    Love that last picture with your shadow, what fun.


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