Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Before the cold snap………

It's really lovely out there on these brilliant autumn days.
We are up against the clock though as very cold air is 
heading southward.
We've started raking leaves down to the road. 
Bagging some of the zillion acorns carpeting the back area.
I saw the chipmunk scoot by the deck yesterday morning ~
will he soon tuck himself away in his garden burrow, 
hibernating until next spring?

 Beautiful garden surprises continue. . . . .

. . . and, despite the lousy hip problem, I was able to plant 
up all my 100 spring blooming tulip bulbs, mostly in large 
pots that I placed high enough on a table so I didn't 
have to bend! 
I was glad to get that job completed.
Anything still blooming in your garden?

I'm penning lists with reminders for holiday 
preparations and things to get started on soon.
How about you?


  1. Lovely warm images. Didn't realise you had a hip problem - sorry to hear about that. We don't get into the garden as often as we should, but I'm amazed at what's still in flower - some lovely roses in November!

  2. Your photos are exquisite, Mary. Love them. It's getting cold here, too, and yes, I'm making lots of lists. My garden is done now.

  3. Nice job on the bulb-planting! I suppose I need to think about moving some of my front porch plants into the garage this evening... it's going to be a cold few nights! I'm headed into work a little later, it's certainly going to be weird getting off at 4:45pm and having the sun already be setting... Winter is coming. I'm thinking soup tonight! Finally going to do something with one of my pumpkins tomorrow, since I'll have the day off to play around with recipe ideas.

    xo Cassie

  4. Your yard with the gazebo looks so golden, as you said, in the autumn colours. I did find a yellow annual flower that must have grown from seed from last summer's container in the gravel under the deck last week. And there was one clematis bloom last week too. The snow got them though. We're ready for winter here. Not that we're looking forward to it!! We'd love to be living farther south for the next 5 months. :)

  5. Your garden looks wonderful every season Mary. I still have some herbs and Rainbow Chard growing. Glad to hear you were able to get your bulbs planted.

  6. Oh lovely. Only a few geraniums still green and blooming - but we are having heavy frosts this week so I suspect they will be gone before long. I want to get some bulbs in the flower pots too.

  7. I do have a very prolific Rozanne geranium still sending out its pretty blue flowers. But nothing else, sadly.

  8. Happy to hear you got your bulbs planted Mary! I enjoyed the photo's of your garden. Take care with your hip!

    Have a lovely day!

    madelief x

  9. Your garden is beautiful! I planted blubs a couple weeks ago, and now that our weather has taken a drive into the cold and freezing temperatures, I am happily inside and staying cozy:) Your hydrangeas are amazing. Do you ever dry them? I have seen gorgeous wreaths made from dried hydrangea. Here's wishing you a lovely day and I do hope that your back mends quickly. Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  10. Our speedwell is still sending up a bloom here and there, and our geraniums on the front porch are going strong. I would daresay that the geraniums will get frozen before the week is over, LOL. I have some daffodil bulbs to plant next week.

  11. Your garden photos are just gorgeous! My garden was fine until yesterday. We have had high, very cold winds arrive and the prediction of snow tomorrow. Very unusual and I hope they are wrong. Jim and I are suppose to head to the coast on Friday, so snow would not be a good thing. Trying to finish most Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving and cards are ordered, so next on the list. I want to just enjoy the month of December and play a bit. A train ride is reserved for D with cookies, hot chocolate, and Santa. Looking forward to that alot.

  12. Lovely autumnal photos, Mary. Glad you got your bulbs planted without hurting your hip. I was out in the garden yesterday and planted a few more. I noticed a rose bud forming, but the temps are hovering just above freezing so I don't think it's going to open. The Swiss Chard, Kale and hardy lettuces are doing well. Not much else is blooming. Here comes winter!


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