Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More from Asheville . . . .

Yesterday morning. . . . . .
a wee bit of snow remaining in the distance and still the 
brilliant autumnal colors in the trees.

The Thomas Wolfe House next door to our downtown Asheville hotel.
Early 20th century American novelist Wolfe, author of Look Homeward, Angel, 
You Can't Go Home Again and several other well known books.

Weather perfect for wandering - warm sunshine, no wind, color everywhere.

Later, some antiques and interesting items discovered around Asheville.


  1. I love to see my area through your eyes Mary!

  2. The colors are so rich in Asheville this time of year. Glad you could enjoy the town again...

  3. Beautiful photos of fall in the N.C. mountains. Great photo of you Mary - love your boots!
    Have a lovely day,
    Blessings, Erin and Bentley

  4. Very nice. The colors are so beautiful.

  5. Mary...how did I not notice those boots! I came thisclose to buying something very similar if not the same last week!

    You have SO many great pictures, I may ask to bowwow some.

    Much love to you both and thank you for a wonderful evening! :)

    Jane xxx

  6. Did you get to peek into the Wolfe house? It looks beautiful.
    The colors of the leaves are just wonderful. I do hope it was
    a lovely visit and adventure. I was curious how far it was and
    now I know, 4 hours. An hour longer than when we go to Seattle.

  7. It looks like a lovely outing, Mary, full of the golden light of autumn. These days are fleeting and it's important to enjoy them while they are here. Love the photo of you on the porch swing.

  8. That's lovely dear! You're looking great! Asheville is a beautfiul place to visit during this season. Ryan and I are planning a day trip over there, we love walking around, seeing pretty things, and enjoying some yummy comfort food. :) I hope you had a wonderful time! Love ~ Vanessa

  9. Such a great picture of you! Is that the Athleta sweater? Looks familiar... And wow, yes, those boots are adorable! Glad you two had a lovely time away. Richard and I loved Asheville -- though there was TONS of leftover snow/ice when we were there over Valentine's Day weekend this year!!

    xo Cassie

  10. Simply lovely. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, Mary!


  11. What incredible views and amazing color. Glad you and Jane had some time together. Enjoy your time in Asheville.

  12. Love old Victorian houses like that!

  13. Beautiful photo's from Asheville Mary. The colours on the trees look very pretty and I like the mountains in the background. For a city girl like me it looks like a different world.

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  14. So gorgeous, just look at those trees! And you are looking great too.


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