Friday, November 7, 2014

Photo Challenge for November ~ Trees

It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men's hearts,
as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so
 wonderfully changes and renews the spirit.
~ Robert Louis Stevenson ~

An ancient African tree, the late afternoon stopping off perch for the huge Marabou storks.
Zimbabwe, Africa ~ July 2012

The beautiful palms reflected in the pool at a house where we stayed.
Kona, Hawaii ~ February 2012

The tall, tall Ponderosa pines of northern California.
Lassen Volcanic National Park ~ July 2013

Trees at sunset - the Drakensberg Mountains in the distance.
Mala Mala Private Game Reserve, South Africa ~ July 2012

Do go visit Donna's blog HERE for this month's fun challenge and to view beautiful trees in all their glory.


  1. Wonderful tour around the world via these tree photos. Your edits enhance the beauty of these scenes in unique ways. Thanks for sharing them with us. The African tree with the two birds looking at each other from each side of the photo is probably my favourite.

  2. Belas fotos! Os altos pinheiros me encantam enormemente. Parabéns !
    Um abraço!

    Beautiful photos! The tall pines delight me greatly. Congratulations!

  3. Hi Mary,

    Your lovely tour of trees around the globe reminds us that, like the peoples of different cultures and traditions, trees take on characteristics of their natural environment. Beautiful pictures; those Ponderosa pines are pure splendour!

    Happy weekend to you!


  4. I love your selection of photos for the trees challenge, Mary. They are truly stunning photos. It's so nice that you could share photos from around the world. Hugs. Pam

  5. Ah, I knew I could count on you to bring a bit of exotic subject matter to the challenge! Love the different shapes of all of these. The addition of the storks in the first one, on opposing sides of the frame, adds a touch of whimsy and gives scale. The reflections in the pool are striking with the teal color of the water. Looking up, up, up at big trees is always fun. And the silhouettes in the last photo are made all the more stunning with that beautiful sunset. Lovely photos, as always!

  6. You have had the wonderful opportunity of photographing some amazing trees around the world Mary. Stunning!

  7. Wonderful photos - the reflection of the palm trees is amazing. We used to live in Burney, CA - and would take our kids (they were in grade school then) to Lassen Park - we would hike for hours - have picnics and dip our toes in the freezing cold waters of the lakes. Great memories.

  8. Those Ponderosas are impressive and rugged. I think you and Shane have the most exotic selection of impressive, beautiful trees.

  9. Such an interesting post, Mary! Thanks for sharing these "tree moments" from your travels. I will have to post photos of our stately elm trees in Maine. I think you will enjoy them. Cheers!

  10. Amazing photos - each one is unique dear Mary!
    The last one is my fave - an African sky at sunset is the perfect background to silhouette those graceful trees.
    What an experience - you have a life time of wonderful memories in your photos.


  11. Your trees! Each one is just magnificent!
    How I love trees too. I love that we have an
    extra special tree just behind our house.
    Hug a Tree! Be kind to trees and they will
    return the love.

  12. The palm trees reflected in the water makes a dramatic photo. You've traveled the world and have so many wonderful photos to share. Hugs, Diane

  13. I love the palm tree shot! Wow, the reflection is fantastic there! The storks in the tree I could hardly believe were real at first, and of course the tall mossy pines - beautiful! Thanks for sharing these tree photos!

  14. These photos are all exquisite Mary, the pool with the palm reflections is my favourite. (not to mention the view beyond!)

  15. Oh Mary - such incredibly beautiful photos of trees around our world. How wonderful (and interesting!) to see trees from "far away". The silhouette against the African sunset is stunning, as is the palm tree reflection in Hawaii. Oh my! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  16. Awesome photos as always. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  17. Hello Mary,

    You posted some impressive trees! Hope you had a delightful day in the garden and you got your bulbs all planted. It was the perfect weather in The Netherlands today for doing a job like that. Although the temperatures are quickly dropping, I hope winter will stay away for a little while longer!

    Have a good week!

    Madelief x

  18. Mary, you have some great tree pictures. My favorite is the one with storks! Sylvia


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