Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful for so much . . . . . .

Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving as always, but this year I'm 
taking a break from cooking the huge meal and we will be eating out.
Tomorrow, still stuffed from the traditional holiday delicacies, we'll head 
to the North Carolina coast for the weekend. With pleasant weather 
expected, we'll dress warmly and walk the beach, stroll the old boardwalk,
eat fresh from the ocean seafood, and join in the annual start 
to the busy Christmas season - beach style. 

I love this delicate china, in a rich brown transferware pattern named 
Petunia, from Johnson Brothers. Beside petunias there are fuchsia, dianthus, 
and sprigs of other dainty British garden flowers.
From what I've discerned online, Petunia was perhaps one of their first patterns 
and produced around 1885. At present, there seem to be very few pieces 
available to collectors here in the USA. The four Johnson brothers 
bought their grandfather's business, the famous Meakin china factory in 
Stoke-On-Trent, England, in 1882, and launched themselves into the dinnerware 
business, producing sturdy whiteware with glaze as fine as that on good porcelains. 
Following WWI, the company also began producing dinnerware that was a solid color 
throughout so that chips didn't show as badly. Business boomed to such an extent 
that by 1900, an additional five factories opened in England and brother Robert Johnson 
moved to the USA to handle the trans-Atlantic sales.
Johnson Brothers china company joined the Wedgwood Group in 1968 and, 
sadly, by 2003 all manufacturing operations were moved to China.

I own just two pieces of Petunia, one a dinner plate, the other a side plate.
In fact I've never really made an effort to collect brown transferware, my little stash
consists mostly of some antique blue, grey and black patterns. 
So, if you enjoy the lovely brown designs you must take a look HERE where
 blog friend Loi, at the beautiful blog Tone On Tone, is displaying his fabulous collection
of transferware - including an unusual shaped platter in the Petunia pattern.
 Loi is a Washington, DC antiques dealer, shop owner, designer, 
gardener, grower of topiaries, and photographer extraordinaire. 
I can honestly say I have never not fallen in love with anything Loi has shared 
on his wonderful blog. 
If you've not visited Tone On Tone yet, do so soon. I promise you will love it.

So dear friends, whether eating your holiday meal on priceless antiques, 
your every day china, or even paper plates, enjoy and be thankful.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, dear Mary, enjoy your weekend at the beach far from the madding crowd.

  2. Love the china, Mary. Brown transferware is my favorite of them all. Your weekend sounds wonderful. I especially love the part about starting the Christmas shopping. Sounds like fun. "Happy Thanksgiving to you" Deb

  3. Dear Mary, Your Thanksgiving plans sound wonderful. I would love to spend Thanksgiving at the sea shore and eat fresh seafood.
    I love the delicate manganese flower sprays on your beautiful Johnson Brothers dishes. Even one little spray would look lovely on an all white plate. . Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Blessings from my house to yours. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear !!

  5. The day is almost over, but stopping by to wish you well and say I'm thankful for your friendship. Love your dishes!
    Travel safely and enjoy a walk on the beach for me.

  6. A day strolling on the beach in North Carolina sounds wonderful. I'd really love to visit this area again - only made it to South Carolina, Georgia and New Orleans last time. Still have to see Charleston and other lovely places in the South.

  7. Your pieces are lovely!! Thank you so much for your kind words, Mary :) I'm grateful we've connected via our blogs. I hope you had a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving. Safe travels. Look forward to hearing about it. Cheers, L

  8. I think Johnson Bros. makes my favorite china of which I only have a cup and saucer. It is a blue background with white flowers all over. Have a wonderful day too.

  9. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Mary. Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  10. We did have a lovely, low key Thanksgiving with just the 6 of us.
    I loooooove Petunia. Thanks for sharing. Now I am going to visit
    the link you shared.


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