Sunday, November 2, 2014

The lowly carrot . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . is no more!

That somewhat ordinary, run-of-the-mill, bright orange 
vegetable has taken on a coat of many colors - and wow are 
they vibrant and fun to cook with.
I have always loved carrots, despite orange not being a favorite shade in the color wheel. 
My eyesight is pretty good for my age, carrots responsible? No prescription glasses 
required, but admit to using drugstore readers for close-up. 
I love red hair. Carrot-top toddlers make me swoon. 
Gorgeous natural red-headed teens with clear pale skin make me envious,
My own dark red, thanks to my colorist, I may probably live with until the end! 
When it comes to cooking, carrots take a bow in many, many of my recipes from 
soup to dessert. 
I always feel safe with carrots in a recipe - even a yummy sweet dessert seems healthy.

I  buy these carrots of many colors at Trader Joe's but have seen them in 
other grocery stores also.  
I often roast them along with other veggies such as butternut or acorn squash, 
pumpkin, parsnip, eggplant and tomatoes, with chopped shallots or red onion for
 great flavor and crunchy bits, all drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper. 
I could make a entire meal of these veggies with a a slice of warm baguette 
to mop up the juices.

I love them for baking, especially these muffins. 
Best recipe is from that great blog, Mennonite Girls Can Cook - their 
Carrot Muffins are awesome, easy, and make a big 
batch of 18 so you can throw half in the freezer for the next week or more. 
I often prepare all the dry ingredients in a bowl the night before - add the 
freshly grated carrots and wet items in the morning and pop into the oven. 
In 20 mins. a lovely warm muffin for breakfast, and a still fresh one for teatime.
My teatime friends and family have enjoyed them too!

Happy in the kitchen days ahead now it's getting cooler.


  1. Thanks for this, Mary. I will make these muffins for sure. Love the vibrant. Deb

  2. Oh my gosh you have me drooling. I think it is time to go bake some muffins. Thank you for the inspiration ~

  3. I love carrots too, roasted with garlic,onions and other veggies. Yes, even though I am a carnivore, I could make a meal out of those roots.
    I love shopping at Trader Joe's also. Their Peach Salsa is always in my fridge. Your photos are really vibrant and pretty.

  4. Your photos are amazingly colorful - love the grated carrots especially. I like to use the colorful carrots in salads - sometimes in cole slaw and sometimes in green salad - for extra zip. I use a potato peeler for the ones in green salad so I get nice long curls of carrots - they show up better and show off their colors better than the shredded ones in green salad. Love your header too.

  5. Your post is a feast Mary, both for the eyes and the taste buds. What glorious colors! I made some potato soup this week on one of our rare wintry days, with yams, white potatoes, carrots, corn . . . all these bright, warm colors. I could have used some of those purple carrots I think!

  6. The carrots are beautiful! The muffins sound amazing.
    I think I must try them soon. I only would eat carrots
    raw for many years, hated cooked carrots. Learning to
    like them in fact they were on our table tonight. But in
    muffins I would delight in the them. Thanks!

  7. Roasted vegetable medleys are so satisfying and versatile. Love the idea of the different colored carrots. Yum!

  8. These were, indeed, so tasty with tea last week! I think I'll try making them this week or next. I'm due for a Trader Joe's run soon. Also, loving the plates that you picked out at Anthro! Getting our Anthro registry finalized this week, hehehe!

    xo Cassie

  9. Dear Mary, Can't wait to try this recipe. Have just enough carrots left in my garden. Beautiful photographs as always. ox, Gina

  10. They are quite handsome in those colors. Love the purple type especially!

  11. Mary, those carrots are just beautiful!! The muffins look so yummy!!!

  12. Hi Mary, Roasted autumn vegetables sound good and the colorful carrots are pretty and unique. I like carrots too. I read your two newer posts and am delighted with the photographic images of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Asheville. You are in a beautiful part of the country! I hope to travel to Asheville in '15 or '16 - NC is the only state I've not been to (well, I HAVE been in the Charlotte airport but that doesn't count). Hugs, Beth


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