Friday, May 1, 2015

Leaving beautiful Budapest. . . . . . . .

Twin Viking Cruises riverboats 'tethered' at the dock in Budapest, our ship 
is the Aegir. Last night we sailed, leaving after dinner (food has been fabulous so far) 
around 8:30 PM. The captain took the ship down river, turned and sailed under the 
bridges and past the beautiful palace, parliament, churches, all of Budapest's 
brilliantly illuminated buildings, along either side of the Danube. 
It was an evening to remember.

Hungarian Parliament - Budapest

This morning we awoke to sunny skies, and are now passing small villages 
along the Danube as we head to Bratislava, Slovakia. Men are fishing along 
the riverbanks - children waving, dogs barking - I think a lovely day is in store for 
183 excited passengers, including us. By the way, our number increased to 13 
with the addition of our younger friends from England, newlyweds, Emma and John. 
We are a merry group!


  1. I've always wanted t go there. Will probably just have to enjoy it through you.

  2. You are making me very jealous, it all looks so beautiful and sounds like you are having such a good time. Enjoy.x Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  3. It's so lovely of you to share your trip with us. One day we hope to take one of these river cruises in Europe. Love the photo of Budapest at night, all glittery against the night sky. Great shot!

  4. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. It all looks so lovely. I must admit I am jealous. I would love to go there one day. Meanwhile I am enjoying your trip.

  5. Beautiful! Enjoy every moment.

  6. I left a comment yesterday – seems it lost it’s way in cyberspace!

    The two river boats look fabulous tied together awaiting adventures down river- I wonder what they have in store for you dear Mary!

    The Parliament building looks incredibly beautiful lit up against the night sky - what memories you will have of your special time in Budapest, I get the feeling you will be back!

    The people in those quaint houses along the river must enjoy the passing parade as I imagine the Danube is a busy waterway!

    Are you doing your posts on the ipad Mary - just asking as I'm wondering if I can leave my laptop at home and just take an ipad to France.

    Shane x

  7. Your pictures make me want to do this sooooo very bad.
    How wonderful to have this wonderful experience.

  8. It looks very beautiful. Enjoy!

  9. I see you have already been there! Hope you had a good time? Your photo's of the city look beautiful Mary.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x


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