Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Morning in Budapest. . . . . . . .

This morning ~ the view from our hotel window in Pest toward Buda on the hill.
In an hour we'll be heading to our ship, now moored nearby on the Danube.
 Later in the afternoon we'll be unpacking in our stateroom, and settling in for the cruise.
Another day in Budapest tomorrow will include the full 'city tour' by bus, come
evening it will be 'anchors aweigh' and we'll head for Bratislava, Slovakia.
No time now to tell you all about the amazing time with Jane and Lance - just
 take my word for it, it was fabulous in every way. I definitely will be sharing the rest 
of the story soon, with a lot more photos of this charming, fun couple.
This pic was from lunch yesterday as, sadly, we said goodbye. They were heading
 to a meeting with their director to discuss their upcoming starring rolls in their  
movie which starts filming here in June.

Beautiful corners of Budapest as we walked around the past two days. . . . . I love this city.


  1. Seen the place on a sign when I was in Germany but never got there with work

  2. Have a great day. I can't be there so it nice to see the photos. They are all lovely. xo

  3. Wow! Oh Mary, what a stunning view from your hotel window. What a beautiful, amazing-looking city. Thank you for sharing your travels with us.

  4. Visits with friends and touring together make the very best friendships.
    So glad you had this wonderful time.

  5. Mary, What an amazing view. And a stunning photo of Jane and Lance. I can't wait to hear about it all. Have a wonderful cruise. Hugs!

  6. Amazing views - sounds like a wonderful trip, Love your header.

  7. Thank you so much Mary! It is so heart-warming to hear about your love for Budapest. I am Hungarian but living in England, your blog is so special, I love it. Andrea

  8. I imagine you were given a special insight into Budapest by the gorgeous Hattats - I'm looking forward to the tiny details M - they're such fun!
    One of my friends has done that cruise - it's on my Grand Tour list
    Have fun as I know you will!
    I'm out shopping today for a light across the body bag like yours - being tall, most are not long enough for me...
    Much love
    Shane x
    Ps Amazing photos.

  9. What a beautiful and exciting place to visit. Your photos give us an idea of how much fun you are having.

  10. I imagine you now on your cruise boat, settled in nicely. I visited Bratislava a few years ago and loved it. We walked the coronation route of the Austro-Hungarian kings and queens for they were crowned at a relatively small church in Bratislava. I'm looking forward to your photos. And I really must check out the Hattats' blog!

  11. Hello Mary,
    You are an excellent ambassador for Budapest. Hope you have a wonderful cruise.
    I am so thrilled to hear you met the delightful Jane and Lance Hattatt. They are so special and I am anxiously looking forward to hearing all the details of them. I hope to meet with them this year too.
    Helen xx


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