Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Saturday garden. . . . . . . . .

I started early as showers were forecast - but they haven't arrived yet! 
It's already mid-afternoon and sunshine is plentiful.
A little garden work encompassing trimming, pruning, deadheading.
I can't do what I used to in the garden, and sadly my now 20+ years 
old garden is really in need of some professional help.
Meanwhile, Bob mows, trims and blows, and although I say
it myself, we do have the most lush front lawn on the street. 
Back garden. A fairly quiet respite filled with bird songs. . . . . and these 
days with pollen.
My favorite azalea  - George L. Taber

Honeysuckle on the back fence seems early this year
Wisteria leafing out and climbing over the arbor - I bet I'll miss
the blooms whilst away!
Perky variegated Solomon's Seal

All images from today's garden here in North Carolina.
I'll post soon on where we're headed next week.


  1. What an array of colour amongst your Rhododendrons! Were there Azaleas there also? Our NT gardens are alive with Magnolias at the moment. Such a lovely season!

  2. What a gorgeous array of colorful flowers! I love Azaleas and yours are gorgeous! Your garden is like a slice of heaven, so peaceful!

  3. Oh Mary, what a treat this post is. It looks like a little piece of heaven at your home. I'm happy that my internet is working today so I could have a peak at your gardens. :) Deb

  4. Mary you have such a colourful beautiful garden.

  5. We have had a lot of rain these past few days, but I'm not complaining as it has washed away most of the pollen. Your garden is looking particularly lovely today. If it needs professional help, I can't tell by looking. I think the azaleas are commanding all the attention.

  6. Your gardens are unbelievably wonderful - and gorgeous. They seem like a park or a public garden, just waiting for people to come and tour them. They are so peaceful. Love your heading!!!!

  7. Mary,

    I remember when Alan and I first visited Asheville, I kept exclaiming-everything is so lush! And I get that feeling again just by looking at your pictures. You truly have a gorgeous garden and I say, the wilder the better! Such pretty blooms and I believe you when you say you have the best on the block.

    I sometimes think I bit off more than I can chew when it comes to my's hard to deny our love for something new or adding more of what makes us smile. Yet we all reach a point where we want to downsize...we are trying so hard to purge, simplify and tie up loose ends before Alan retires. It's difficult. One day at a time.

    Love to you and Bob...wondering when your trip is. Want to say bon voyage!!

    Jane xxx

  8. What a beautiful garden! It certainly is a lot of work. Hope that you can find a good gardener to give you that boost. I'm hoping to find a stirrup hoe so that I can stay ahead of things better this year. Laat year, I was not feeling well and the garden (very small garden) was neglected. Wonderful to have spring in full tilt! Even I spent some time outside today.

  9. Oh the joys of a Spring garden, your azaleas are stunning Mary!
    I've made a note of George L Taber in my garden book - what a beauty!
    The sight of your bluebells and honeysuckle make me wish it was Spring here again!
    I've let my garden go a bit, it's inevitable all things considered.
    I hired a garden maintenance team in Spring, they did a great job weeding, mulching and knocking it back into shape.
    I'll get them in again before we head off, to mulch and put the garden to bed for winter.

    I just love your new header Mary, the little birdie popping it's head out is so sweet!
    Your last week - no more gardening for you dear Mary - save your strength for the busy days on board!
    Oooh how exciting!

    Much love
    Shane xox

  10. Oh my! Mary! Beauty in your garden in every picture. I love it the way it is. No professional could improve it.

  11. Your spring garden looks so beautiful in bloom! I know how hard it is to keep up a garden, but the results are so worth it!

  12. Mary, the azaleas are stunning so beautiful. I would agree that the honeysuckle seems a little early, mine is just leafing out now, no sign of blossom yet.Ditto the wisteria it'll be a shame if you miss it's lush purple headiness this year.

  13. Wow! what a nice burst of color. I don't have a good spot for an Azalea. I would love to have a few for spring color. Love the Nelly Moser!!! Is that blooming already. I also love the seed pod after.

    1. Yes Jeanne, it is a Nelly Moser and comes back each year climbing the bird house - already blooming, quite early I think!
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Mary -

  14. Your garden is just beautiful.
    How I would love sitting there with you and a cup of tea.

  15. I sent a comment the other day but I see it isn't showing here, lost in the big black hole!!!

    Your garden is gorgeous, what lovely colours. Your plants are a lot further ahead than mine here in the UK. My Azalea has buds but that is all. Some tulips are flowering, the daffodils are more or less finished.

    We went to Pashley Manor Gardens in East Sussex yesterday and their tulip festival starts on Wednesday but they didn't have many in flower. What they did have that I love, are lots of Sculptures, particularly two by Philip Jackson.

    Like Marilyn I would love to be sitting in your garden with you, a cup of tea and a lovely time to chat!!

    Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  16. OH those azaleas are so gorgeous! After reading your latest post about how severe the storm was and the damage it caused to your beautiful flowers my heart is sick for you. What a shame! I think we'll be getting that same storm tonight and tomorrow but much colder and lots of wind. It's a good think our flowers aren't in bloom yet. Hugs. Pam

  17. Your garden is full of delights. Such gorgeous azaleas!


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