Sunday, April 12, 2015

Step into my April garden. . . . . .

Just a Sunday saunter about the garden to view the 
changes a very warm week and a heavy rain brought.


  1. What a delightful sight to start off my Sunday morning. The colours are stunning, bon dimanche, dear friend.

  2. Dear Mary, I love your April garden. Your tulips so velvety and beautiful. My garden is still asleep...more freezing nights predicted for next week.

  3. Your garden is looking gorgeous, Mary! And to think this is only spring. I love those white blossoms, is that a tree or shrub? I also see that you and Bob visited D.C. How nice and I'm sure it was a wonderful walk down memory lane for you both. It was just a year ago that Alan and I were there. Unfortunately we had less than 24 hours and we weren't able to do much sightseeing. I enjoyed your pictures!

    Happy Spring!


  4. Gorgeous! It's still pretty 'brown' around here, but soon, soon! In the meantime, I can enjoy your beautiful blooms!


  5. Wonderful photos - your spring comes so quickly. Ours dawdles along - taking weeks for a tulip to bloom - but then we have a longer spring. Oh how I love spring.

  6. Your tulips and dogwoods are beautiful. Even your hostas have flowers!

  7. Your gardens are gorgeous! I love the tulips. After all of our torrential downpours, I was finally about to get my hands in the dirt yesterday! Lot of weeds to be pulled around here.

  8. Your flowers are so so pretty.

  9. I think dogwoods are lovely trees. They like it colder than here but I have one still surviving. It's not cold enough for tulips to do well unless they are dug up and put in the fridge for 6 weeks- which I am not prepared to do. Consequently I look at other peoples' tulips in the colder climes.
    I love the design of the little cloche? protecting your young hosta.

    1. Those pointed baskets are actually antique Victorian hanging baskets turned upside down and used to protect my tender plants from the bunnies! I have three which I discovered at SuzAnna's Antiques last year - what an amazing find, and I got them for a song!!


  10. Wow, how pretty it is there! It's so nice to see the lovely blooms. Enjoy!

  11. Love seeing your beautiful garden. The tulips just sing to my heart. The first picture looks like rain has settle inside the beautiful cup.
    Love the dogwood too, but turn my head the other way for those bluebells! Though I must say your bluebells do look to be more contained.
    Our bluebells are running rampant and out of control.

  12. Stunning tulips, dogwoods and other spring blooms! Beautiful photos!


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