Friday, April 17, 2015

Precious Paper Goods. . . . . . .

I'm always on the lookout for interesting paper products.
When at Oxford Green I found some beautiful things actually made 
here in the USA 

I'm loving the paper table runners. They are long rolls of heavy paper, 
some white and already illustrated with line drawings such as knives, forks and 
spoons. My favorite however is plain black which comes with its own chalks so 
you can create your own art and write wonderful quotes about food, life and the 
love of cooking and creating for your guests. . . . . as Shawna, the very 
creative owner of Oxford Green has done here.
I bought a roll and hope to find a smidgen of artistic talent lurking somewhere
so I can make a lovely table later.
These oversized notepads another paper goods from are great 
and have many uses. They also come in different designs, all just lovely. 
Shawna suggests using them to print menus - there are matching place mats
available also.


  1. What fun items and great ideas. I am working on a project - using old sheet music I am painting birds and flowers on them - hopefully it comes out like I imagine it.

  2. What lovely paper things you found, I'd be forever and a day in a store such as that. Nice to see the Union Jack tucked in one of your shots. and I have some wooden lattice style table mats and a side table that's shown in the same shot.

  3. Mary, these products are fun and light hearted. I've purchased from this line. They offer wonderfully, whimsical pieces.

  4. Oh Mary, I need a branch of Oxford Green here!!!
    I love the black paper - it's fun - I've seen it on cafe tables here too.
    Your vignettes are always so inspiring.
    I have a real weakness for beautiful stationery!
    Much love


  5. I am in love with that little sheep. Talking about paper products makes me want to run right over.
    There is a similar paper store here and I think I will be near it tomorrow.

  6. Fun and stylish - I do like their selection.

  7. Dear Mary, I love the idea of creating your own table art with black paper runners. Think of all the possibilities!. I look forward to seeing what you will do with yours.

  8. More gorgeous items from Oxford Green, the owner has a great eye and stocks wonderful tempting things.
    Keep meaning to say how much I love your new header!


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