Monday, April 13, 2015

Colorful Gifts and Home Decor at Oxford Green. . . . . .

I popped into the amazing gift/home decor shop 
Oxford Green this weekend.

Life is hectic to say the least. I'm trying to get ready for the upcoming trip and still 
work in other required chores on the TO DO list. It seems to gather projects and 
grow longer daily. 
Our air conditioning needs servicing - these last very hot days have been 
uncomfortable in the house with no cooling. . . . . .and the service guy has yet to appear.
The garden is growing non-stop and requires daily attendance. . . . . I swear the 
grass grows an inch every day now.
Meanwhile, thick yellow pollen coats every surface and birdsong is muffled by 
coughing and sneezing.

Oxford Green, a little oasis of beauty, is directly across from where I go for 
physiotherapy twice weekly. That takes a chunk of my time, but is necessary 
if I'm going to dodge the surgeon's knife and be able to toddle around those 
European cobble stoned streets soon!

I've tried to stay away from this lovely shop but gave in yesterday when 
looking for a couple of special gifts.
My previous post on the shop was last Fall HERE.
I told owner Shawna I'd take a few pics and write this little post on her delightful 
shop before leaving town, so please enjoy looking around here. . . . . . . . you will 
definitely see some treasures to brighten your Monday. 
If you live locally I would suggest a visit - you'll love it here.


  1. What a great shop this is! So many wonderful things to see and I rather like the cow portrait. Wish I lived closer! Take care and I hope you will be in tip top shape for your trip. xx Pam

  2. What a wonderful shop Mary! I would love to browse around there.

  3. Lovely shop Miss Mary! Tell the owner Thank You for letting us have a peek around. :)
    Love the bread boards and the cow paintings!

  4. This is a gorgeous shop, one to swoon over.
    Oh those cow pictures, I think I have a thing for cows noses.
    They are so cute. Good luck with preparing for a grand adventure.

  5. Just love the things in this shop...especially those colorful watering cans. And Kiss My Grits lipscrub...too cute! Beautiful flowers also. What a great place to visit! Can't wait to see where you are going on your trip!

    1. Marie, at last I've found the remedy for rough, dry lips - Kiss My Grits is awesome and truly works. I'll post on it later.

  6. Oh my, looks like that shop has a lot of beautiful things! Sorry to hear your AC guy hasn't shown up. Perhaps you can call another company? (A more reliable one!) I've heard about how pollen gets so heavy in the south and coats everything...sounds awful. I am very allergic to pollen so wouldn't do too well in that kind of weather. We lived in KY for 3-1/2 years when I was a teen, but I don't remember having heavy pollen there...though I probably just didn't pay any attention since I was a teen!

    1. Melanie - reason for so much pollen is because we have so many blossom bearing trees in Spring - especially here in the Piedmont area of NC - pine and oak trees too which produce thick pollen. Positive side is that everywhere looks amazingly beautiful as the blossom trees and shrubs, including millions of azaleas, all open at the same time - so we just have to adapt to sneezing, itchy throats, runny eyes and noses for a couple of weeks! I'm not affected too badly, but for some people it's hell!

      Thanks for stopping by dear friend.
      Mary -

  7. I'm sure you found some super gifts at Oxford Green - the display by the window held much inspiration for me!
    I love these shops and try to resist their charms - but I'm looking for fresh winter ambiance pieces - so I'm doing the rounds at the mo!
    Keep up with the physio dear Mary - it will pay off once you're in Europe.

    Much love

  8. What a fun store, Mary. I see several things that could have gone home with me. Great looking bread boards, for one!

  9. Don't know how you can resist treating yourself to a visit to Oxford Green every week after physio, Mary, it looks wonderful. I must check amazon for the SL cook book, gotta have it!

  10. Love the shots of bright colours in the store Mary, thank you for sharing it with us. Gulp, can hardly believe you are planning a trip ;o) Have a wonderful time!
    Loads of love dear friend
    Rose H

  11. What a neat shop! Loved seeing it. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed seeing your garden flowers in the previous post as well.

  12. I love these kind of wonderful shops...and your photos are great.
    I am amazed at the popularity of COW PAINTINGS right now...they are every where I look...and I love them.
    Have fun on your trip.....

  13. I love this kind of shop. I always get carried away, buy more than I should and when I get home I have no idea where to put the new stuff. But I still love this kind of shop.

  14. Dear Mary, I can see why you find it hard to resist! I love the cow painting and those flowers...beautiful. Pity I'm not a wee bit closer!


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