Monday, April 27, 2015

Bohemian Rahapsody in Springtime. . . . . . . .

Looking across the Danube to Buda at sunset - April 2015

If there's ever a city I've loved, it's this one! I fell for Budapest on my first visit in the 
Autumn of 2013. 
Now, back here in springtime, I'm truly head over heels in love. . . . . . and I hope 
I will return again and again.

Heathrow airport stopover.

Those of you who follow the fabulous Jane & Lance Hattatt will, I'm certain, 
recognize them immediately! 
That's all I can share as it's the middle of the night here in Hungary and, after an 
amazing day with Jane & Lance, I must away and get some much needed sleep!

More coming soon, so be sure to check back.


  1. LOVE Budapest!! We stayed at the Charles Hotel and could see the steeples at the Mathias cathedral from our window.

  2. Thanks for this note from the road. I'd love to visit Budapest one day! Enjoy your travels.

  3. Gorgeous sunset -- looking forward to seeing more, as I don't know much at all about Budapest! Xx

  4. I would love to visit one day too!
    It looks magical and old world romantic.
    Take care and God Bless
    Shane xox

  5. Oh! I can't wait to see all the photo's you take!! Take Care and safe travels.

  6. The first photo is just magnificent. Loved seeing your picture of Jane and Lance too.
    BTW I received my photo print and I love it. Thanks once more for Bob drawing my name.
    I will post on my blog tomorrow a picture of it.


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