Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Let's go. . . . . . . . . .

I used this collage previously when leaving on another trip. 
I like it so much I'm posting it again. 
Actually it's because I don't have time to make another! 

Not going to Paris or Sweden, but will be on a wonderful river trip aboard a 
Viking river boat. These boats are often denoted as 'longships'. We embark our 
boat in beautiful Budapest, where first we'll meet up with some special blogging 
friends - can you guess who? 
Then we'll sail the Danube, Main and Rhine Rivers, visiting Hungary, Slovakia, 
Austria, Germany and ending in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
We'll be a group of eleven friends - American, British/American, British and Canadian. 
We've traveled often together, thanks to Paula, who will be at helm - though 
hopefully not steering the boat, ha ha!

Travel Tips

Pack light
Make sure your shoes can handle cobble stones
Take a rain jacket and collapsible umbrella 
Protect that precious passport 
Buy travel insurance
Have a load of Fun


  1. Have a safe and wonderful trip, Mary.

  2. Bon Voyage Mary! Looking forward to seeing and hearing all about it!

  3. Oh that sounds so wonderful Mary. I know you will all have a fantastic trip. Wishing you and Bob safe travels and blessings for a wonderful time with your friends. xx Pam

  4. Dear Mary, Yes, have loads of fun and say hello to the H......

  5. Have a wonderful trip, Mary!

  6. Darling Mary,

    Safe travels and we are waiting excitedly for you and Bob!

    What fun!

  7. A Viking longship? Now that's a first for me. Have a wonderful time.

  8. A Viking ship - how adventurous and exciting Mary!
    Great travel tips - as the feet get older it's all about comfort and being practical with a nice pair for evening!
    For the first time in 45 years we've taken out the full travel/health insurance package - a good feeling.
    It's only when one gets to a certain age and feels more vulnerable, that one thinks of it!
    It will be lovely meeting up with the Hattats on their patch - have fun.
    Looking forward to posts from afar!
    Mary, one question - can you do blog posts on your ipad Air, download photos etcet?

    Bon Voyage Mary and Bob
    Take care and Much love
    Shane x

    1. Thanks for the good wishes Shane - it should be a fun trip.
      We always have to purchase travel insurance, especially medical coverage, as we are not covered by our insurance outside the USA. We dislike the expense but always feel much safer. When I went to Antarctica I HAD to have a million dollars of insurance coverage (not permitted to travel there without) as it's very hard to get emergency transportation home!!!
      No, gave up trying to blog on an iPad - just too hard to post pix. I take my MacBook Air laptop everywhere - LOVE this baby so much!
      Yes, meeting up with the Hattats is going to be amazing fun I'm certain.
      Hugs - Mary

  9. I'm so sorry that I'm behind on reading your blog! Been busy with a number of other things -- though I am SO glad that we could all do dinner last night, we had a wonderful time. I hope that you have a marvelous journey, be safe and have fun! Keep that Paula in-check, haha! Love to you and Grandpa xx

  10. Bon Voyage and especially have fun, and I know who you will be meeting up with!

  11. Mary,
    I got your card, thank you so much!
    Hoping you have a fabulous time in Europe and this is one trip nearer you coming home.
    Love you both

    1. Yes dear, we're already looking forward to that next one and seeing you all!
      Love you - Mary

  12. Safe travels and have a fabulous time. I'll be eager to see your amazing photos that document your newest travel adventure. Bon Voyage, Mary and Bob ~ Sarah

  13. Have fun. We did that trip in the opposite direction last year. So many river cruise ships!! We travel with Scenic rather than Viking. You just gotta see the Russian ships, and the others from countries close to Russia. Photo friendly.

    1. Louise I think this will be a fun trip - I'm sure you enjoyed it as it would have been such different scenery from your Darwin area.
      Mary -

  14. Yes, especially have loads of fun! Enjoy every moment!

  15. Bon voyage, Mary and Bob. Have a most wonderful trip!

  16. Safe travels and loads of fun!!

  17. How very exciting. Bon voyage. We are looking forward to your wonderful photos and commentary.
    Farm Gal in VA

  18. Have a safe trip, take lots of pics and share them whene you're back....

  19. Sounds like a wonderful adventure! Can't wait to travel virtually with you via all your lovely photos. It'll be the only traveling I'll be doing in awhile. ;-)

  20. It all sounds so lovely and fabulous! :D Enjoy. I'm sure you will.


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