Thursday, April 16, 2015

Recalling the days. . . . . . . . .

Remember those days - those precious days
when backs were hardly thought about.
Youth had no time for aches and pains.
Getting out of bed to start the day was easy.
Doing anything was easy, and pain free.

Did you run, skip, do handstands, and back bends?
Were you a gymnast, a skier, a cheerleader, a dancer?
Did you dance the romantic tango?

There are about 16 treatment rooms at my physiotherapist practice.
I've been stretched to my limits in most of them, then relaxed with a 
heating pad and ocean sounds. I always choose the ocean which is 
so peaceful, and sometimes, I admit, I have a little 15 minute snooze 
at the end of my session.

This vibrant print was hanging in Monday's treatment room. . . . 
I love it and wish my back could do those sensuous tango bends.
Meanwhile, there is good news, the hip and leg pain caused by my
arthritic spine problem is so much better after two months of PT. . . 
and an injection. I am so thankful to those who have helped me.
Chronic pain is so debilitating and depressing.
I will go on my trip next week and hopefully be able to do 
everything - but I will be careful too.


  1. Glad to know you're feeling better....
    P.S. some updates are up and more to come...

  2. Mary, this is wonderful news! I'm very happy that this alternative treatment has worked for you. You will definitely have to 'behave' yourself on your trip but at least you can go and 'do'. Exciting!! xx Pam

  3. Oh I'm glad you are doing better - enjoy your trip. And I understand back pain - after my emergency surgery 2 years ago (to remove a randomly grown 1 1/4" piece of bone from my spinal cord) my back pain that had bothered me since I was a young mother, was gone and I feel so much better. I just wish some doctor had cared enough to listen to my complaints that something was wrong in my back, many years before the actual surgery happened. Often the reply to my statement that something was not right was - "hmmm". As far as I know - that is not a useful medical term/reply - but it is what I got for over 30 years - until I finally gave up.

  4. Constant pain really does color one's life. Good news to hear yours is better.

  5. I had PT a year & 1/2 ago for my back (I have the same thing you do, I think, as it manifests itself mostly in my left hip) and it helped a lot, plus I then had a cortisone injection that lasted almost a year! The PT would have to be something I could continue indefinitely for it to make any real difference, though. And I can't. They did send me home with a portable traction table, but because I don't have a bench to lay it on, and would have to use it on the floor (the bed is too soft) it's been almost useless to me. I absolutely cannot get up and down off the floor. I tried putting a board beneath it on the bed, and it works "ok" like that, but not perfectly. I hope your cortisone shot lasts as long as mine did! That was such a great relief, and now I am due for another one. In a lot of discomfort right now.:-( Yep, I wish I could still do that back bend I was doing all the way into my forties! :-) And Latin dances are my favorites! I'll never do them, though because of both the back and my knees, but I love to watch! :-)

  6. So glad to hear that the treatments are working and you're feeling better.
    Now onto the fun things again!

  7. Yay Mary !!
    I have friends who are both a bit arthritic and a bit sore most days but they dance Tango all the time. The travel and they dance .. not a bad way to grow old ..

    I just remember the days when I walked down the street and I could hear Tango music coming from various shops ..

  8. Good news to know the treatment has worked for you. I know only too well the problems with back pain.I ended up having to have surgery. So go on your trip & enjoy yourself, but take things easy.

  9. So happy your back is much better - looking forward to coffee tomorrow!

  10. Dearest Mary
    Wonderful to read your upbeat post and hear that you are ready to 'tango'!
    You've worked hard to get in shape for this trip - It's so good to know you are now pain free - well done.
    Thank God for our brilliant physiotherapists.
    Rest up this week and store your energy for the weeks ahead - have the time of your life on your special anniversary trip.
    Bon Voyage to you and Bob!
    Much love

  11. I hope you do well on your adventure next week. Happy travels!
    I am happy you are feeling better. I did ballet for quite awhile, but
    I think I would have hurt anyway. I have this wonderful cream I use
    on my hands when they hurt too much. Thank goodness for the
    things that help like physio therapy, injections, and creams.

  12. Glad you are feeling better, Mary. I look forward to hearing about your trip - have fun!

  13. I am so glad that the treatments have helped you. Ah, I use to run track and do gymnastics in my youth. Now it is painful to do a simple walk. And getting out of bed in the morning? Exceedingly painful since I can not take any anti-inflammatories because of the stress fracture in my foot. Now I have a severe pinched nerve in my left shoulder. It started last night. I get them every couple of months, thanks to the neuro damage in my arms and shoulders. It may take up to a week to quiet down. Yes, those that don't have chronic pain should be counting their blessings!


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