Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sailing the Danube to Passau, Germany. . . . . . .

The second longest river in Europe, the Danube begins its journey in 
Germany's Black Forest and runs through 10 countries to the Black Sea. 
It remains one of Europe's most significant and historic waterways, passing
 through some of the most breathtaking regions,  as seen in these photos as we 
sailed on our northerly course through Austria's picturesque Wachau Valley toward 
Passau, Germany.

Early morning mist enveloped the countryside as we sailed up river - the silence 
was so peaceful early on a Monday morning. 
All pix taken from our cabin which had a floor to ceiling sliding window 
(called a French Balcony in case you want to book a river cruise).

I loved the countryside along the river. Being early Spring there were still 
blossoms. The freshly leafed out trees, all so lush and brilliant, along with fresh 
grass and new crops in the fields, made the landscape truly beautiful.
The cleanliness of the small towns, villages, and around the farms was noted, 
everywhere pristine, tidy, and so well-cared for.

 Docking in Passau - somewhat cloudy but perfect temperatures for going 
ashore for sightseeing.

More on the history of Passau next time.


  1. It is gorgeous! When I was a girl playing the piano one of my favorites to play was the Blue Danube. I have always wondered how it looked and your photos make it real and beautiful. How I would love floating along and seeing these beautiful sights. xoxo m

  2. Dear Mary, You have taken some very special photographs. We have taken that same route several times, always by car. You are making me think twice about taking the slower travel version and really taking in the beauty of this very special area.

  3. Oh my! So beautiful. The green so green. There is nothing pristine about this country I live in. On the drive today plastic bags were twirling and swirling, trash everywhere. It just really disgusts me and I will never understand why people don't care about their surroundings or their environment. We were in Germany a couple of years ago and enjoyed our time very much. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. I always marvel at how the people of Europe have maintained the quaintness and beauty of their countryside. Your pictures are wonderful.

  5. Amazing. I so impressed at how clean and organized everything is - such perfection in the photos. I love how they paint their buildings. I'm enjoying your vacation photos so much.

  6. I've always seen the commercials for Viking River Cruises and wanted to go on one. That scenery is gorgeous!


  7. Fabulous photos as always Mary. I've seen the Danube in Vienna where I have to say it was certainly far from being blue:) I haven't sailed on it though. The countryside and buildings in your photographs are lovely. I've never been to Germany though will be putting that right later this year with a short trip to Berlin. Would love to see the Black Forest one day too.

  8. Absolutely breathtaking photos...the countryside is so beautiful, it looks like a painting.

  9. Amazing photos, Mary. You should be a professional! Thanks for sharing these highlights from your trip.

  10. Gorgeous photos, Mary. The countryside is so fresh, green and utterly pristine, as you've said. Love the white church with the slate roof and the onion spire. I wonder at the proximity of the homes and buildings to the river - what would happen in a flood? Or are the river heights controlled with dykes and floodgates?

  11. What beautiful countryside! I love the old buildings, green grasses and blossoms. It must have been so pretty in person.


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