Saturday, November 21, 2015

Eastgate Pond - reflections for this week. . . . . . .

This week has been a sad one. . . . . for me, for you, for people everywhere, for the world.
 I don't need to reiterate the reasons, we all know what they are.
After picking up a few more groceries yesterday, I stepped away from the traffic and
 noise and walked through the almost silent park before heading home. 
The bright sun was starting its descent as it was just after 4 o'clock.
I was amazed and thrilled to see there was still color in the trees, color reflected 
in even deeper hues in the pond. The sky, though blue, was even bluer below
 the trees. It shimmered in the placid cobalt water and in large puddles remaining
 from the recent rains. The Canada geese and ducks remained in shallow water
 at the far reaches of the pond, unusual as the geese always come closer,
 hoping for tidbits of course, when they see people on the walkway. They preferred
 to be alone late in the afternoon.
 I tried to capture the colors best I could with my aging point and shoot Olympus. 
I feel we all need a little color to cheer us this weekend and Nature 
came through, lifting my spirits in a special way as I took the photos.
Hope they bring good feelings to you also.

These links are to my posts from the pond last January - there you can see the geese and mallards on really cold, icy days.

I hope this weekend will be a good one for everyone. Hugs.


  1. Beautiful. This year I will not let winter get the best of me. I will not. I will not...

  2. Mary! you did an excellent job capturing the beauty of that scene. In these troubled times nature does heal. I feel so fortunate that by the accident of birth I am in a safe place.

  3. Dear Mary

    Your images are a beautiful study of the exquisite colours, light and reflections of Autumn.
    So many varying colours brings to mind the different ethnicities of our world.
    Despite the events of the past week, I know that the majority of the world’s 7+ billion are peace loving souls who have hopes and dreams of a happy and full life for their families.
    We all need these solitary moments to reflect on the beauty around us, to bring things back in perspective.

    You have raised my spirits enormously.
    Sending special hugs to you.
    Shane x

  4. Wonderful photos and very serene .
    You really are a very good photographer !
    besos. C

  5. wow how nice! Loving the Fall colors

  6. These images are so lovely and calm, Mary. Beautiful reflections in the still water. It's as if autumn is holding her breath for a moment. Beauty is healing and nature a solace for hurt. We all need that. I hope your weekend is relaxing, Mary.

  7. Dear Mary, So glad you decided to stop by the park so you could share these beautiful and serene photos with us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  8. Very calming photos. Thank you for sharing. Yes we all need that. What a world of so much disaster all the sadness. Keeping in mind to pray.

    Our Father Which Is In Heaven.

  9. All that shining orange and gold, enlivened by the sunlight. So beautiful. If I have not already said it, have a blessed Thanksgiving. You have blessed me with these visions of glory, your photos.

  10. Hello Mary, glad you have found me again. Seem to be very busy, so get to blog much these days, however, still browse every once in awhile through the ones I follow. Love you photo's, all of our leaves are down and picked up, thank goodness, as we had about an inch of snow fall last evening and overnight It is one of those wet snow's that coats all of the branches and makes every thing look like a fairy land or a picture on a Christmas card.


  11. These photos are so beautiful Mary! I love the clear blue sky, the fall colours and reflections in the pond. Really lovely. We are to get our first big snowfall tomorrow which I'm kind of looking forward to. Kind of. :) It won't last more than a couple days which is good. I have things to do and places to go!! Have a wonderful week leading up to Thanksgiving. Blessings. Pam

  12. O, what lovely all the color and water.


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