Sunday, January 11, 2015

Woodland Walk Part I ---------------

Here's my version of Into The Woods!
Yesterday afternoon, despite a rather chilly 35F, I decided to bundle up and 
take a much needed walk in the fresh air. I looked at the lovely photos of the 
countryside where some of you walk in all kinds of weather, often much colder than 
here, sometimes buried in snow or buffeted by freezing winds, and I felt like a wimp.
For goodness sake, the sun was shining in a clear blue sky, there was no wind to speak 
of, it was almost perfect for an exhilarating promenade, and thankfully I can still walk.
I dug out my comfy walking shoes and thick socks, pulled on knit pants, layered
 a silky Cuddl Dud top under my Antarctica fleece, pulled on a wool hat, warm gloves, 
and topped all with the heavy duty Canada Goose parka from that same Antarctic
expedition - already two years past!

I went to the neighborhood pond - first time since I took photos of it in autumn to 
share the colorful trees with you. There was an area on the far side with thin ice 
and, other than the cries from a hawk circling high overhead, it was silent and peaceful.

Above, the same view last October.

Thin ice, moss, and still golden leaves.

Fallen spiked fruits, now dry, are from the Sweet Gum tree.

A home for some animal perhaps.

I walked through the adjoining city park area encountering just two dog walkers, 
both bundled up like me - a brief "hi" and they kept walking. 
The kids' play area and soccer field were empty, two boys were skate-boarding 
on the tennis courts. . . . . . 

. . . . . and of course there were no weekend family picnics going on!

I then decided to take a trail through the woods to find something interesting to 
photograph at the far end of the pond. I loved the gentle rustle of the few leaves 
still clinging to some of the trees, and the dry crisp crunch of the carpet underfoot.
There they were, some snoozing near the bank, others preening, and a few slip sliding 
about on the ice - a dozen Canada geese along with just two pairs of beautiful Mallard ducks.

I have more pics of the fine feathered friends I found - I'll show you in Part II of my 
most enjoyable Saturday afternoon walk.

Here are two of my wonderful blog friends, both great photographers, who share their amazing country walks -
Pamela in New Brunswick, Canada. . . . .put on your snow boots and visit her at
Playing With My Camera 
Chel in England, pop across the pond to meet her at Sweetbriar Dreams where she 
walks in the blustery flat landscape of the Lincolnshire Fens, and also 
takes us on wonderful city walks around London.

Do you still get out and walk when it's cold?
Do you have a dog to walk?


  1. Lovely! You know I love to walk. But I definitely do not like cold weather. Our blue skies were back today, and although there's a chill in the air, it's nice in the sun. Sadly, I had a whole lot of running around to do and housework to take care of, so there was no time for walking after school. :(

  2. You have a beautiful place to go walking Mary! I have been hibernating inside and I do need to go out and get some exercise. I just really do not like this cold weather. Off to visit your friends!

  3. These are all beautiful photos you took, Mary. My favorite is the second one. WOW! Glad you got out for a walk. I'm about to do the same. Deb

  4. Mary, I'm glad you got out to refresh your lungs and legs and your pictures are stunning as always. but my dear... 35 degrees? No wind? I would have my coat wide open, no gloves, no hat and face up to the sun and would be perfectly comfortable! Funny how we become conditioned to our local weather.

    1. ….but dear Jeanne, remember that this is the south and I've lived here 37 years, my blood is now thin and, when it drops into the thirties, we moan and groan like weaklings down here! I recall growing up with no central heating, just a coal fire, and scraping ice off the inside of the windows - and I lived in the warmest part of the UK! I know cold, and damp, and hoar frost, and buckets of rain falling day after day - and it didn't bother me one bit when I was a kid. Now I've been spoiled with all the mod cons - off to push up the thermostat a wee bit, but don't tell Bob!
      Hugs - Mary

  5. I am so glad you wrapped up warm and took us on this walk to blow away the cobwebs Mary! I love the comparison of autumn and winter in your lake photo - it's lovely to see the progression through the seasons. Thank you so much for the very kind mention too, I'm blushing! I'm trying to put together a list for this year's visits to my wonderful London, so open to suggestions of anywhere you may want to see (even though no doubt you will be over again soon!). Take care and have a lovely week xx

  6. Beautiful pic Mary. We are covered in white here and very cold. I like bundling up and taking walks in the fresh air.

  7. It looked like a really lovely day for a walk in the park, Mary. It certainly looks different from our cold and snowy landscape this weekend and actually looks like our late autumn here. I should have taken a little walk this afternoon as it was warmer than it has been but I stayed in and did some blogging instead. We are to get a few centimetres of snow tomorrow. Thanks for the link to my blog. I appreciate it and I've had a couple of visitors come over. Enjoy the week ahead. xx Pam

  8. I think it's great you were motivated to get out for such a nice walk...the pictures are stunning. Nothing so nice nearby, We sometimes drive to the suburb closest to us where there are some gorgeous wetlands and trails. Son Jeff lives near some forest preserves, I need to get over there for a hike with him and his hound!!

    Much love,

    Jane x

  9. I can just "hear" the silence! Such a pretty walk! Thank you for sharing Miss Mary!

  10. If I didn't know better I would think you were on a winter walk I actually took in the fall.
    These sights are so similar. Just beautiful and makes me want to go again.

  11. I'm a bit behind! These are stunning park views, Mary! Beautiful photography. What an awesome day this must have been!


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