Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Sweet Carolina Wren . . . . .

Yet another 'bird post'. I seem to be surrounded by feathered friends lately.
You may recall this tiny house covered in birdseed - my sweet neighbor Lori 
gave it to me at Christmas. Hanging on the front porch it's been visited mostly by 
chickadees. Yesterday I was thrilled to see one of my wrens chomping away 
on the tiny seeds lodged in between the sunflower seeds on the roof. I grabbed a 
camera and managed a few shots as it stayed for quite a while. This morning he/she 
was back, pecking hard to get at the seeds because we had an ice storm overnight.

Isn't it just incredible how these tiny birds stay warm and active even on the coldest
winter days . . . . . and bring so much beauty to our window gazing?


  1. It is amazing how they stay warm but they manage. They find places out of the wind. Your little wren is a precious beauty! I love the little house. What fun it will be to watch them eat that up.

  2. BTW... I did not know about the red spot on the Woodies belly.

  3. How sweet it is. I fed some wrens today, too, at our property. I noticed today that they spend a lot of time sitting deep inside on the fir tree branches. The trees give them lots of shelter from the wind. Today the sun was out and you could see many species of birds out and about at the feeders. I love that little feeder you were given at Christmas. Deb

  4. You are so lucky...beautiful bird and look how long his beak is! Wonderful picture as well.

    I'm happy to see you posting more. I am, too, but I can seem to keep them any shorter! :)

    Jane x

  5. Such a sweet little bird. I have a variety of birds visit my feeder, most colourful are the cardinal and the blue jay at this time of the year. When the hawk is around the neighbourhood not a bird is seen for several days.
    Have a good day.


  6. Cute little bird! I need to pick up some bird seed for our birds.

  7. Your sweet Carolina wren is indeed, quite cute, Mary, and what wonderful company it must be, chirping away the day, playfully pecking on the icy seeds, feeling, I'm sure, very lucky knowing that perhaps they were meant for his chickadee cousins! But, like the saying goes, 'The early bird gets the worm', and this early riser his breakfast!

    Wishing you the very best in 2015; may you be blessed with good health and fun times!

    Warm hugs from a very cold and rainy Crete,

  8. It is definitely pure JOY to view the birds from our window.
    What beauty you are enjoying. I love the house of seeds.
    For Christmas we put suet out for the birds and they are just
    gobbling the bricks of suet up. So fun to watch.

  9. Cute little bird. The red ribbon on the bird seed house surely adds to the cheery scene. It really is amazing how such a tiny creature manages to stay warm in the cold weather.

  10. Beautiful little wren! The birds coming to our feeders in the winter time especially can bring such joy!


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