Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Kitchen 'art gallery' ---------------------

I didn't 'stage' my refrigerator for this post - I was just wiping down the door handles 
when it occurred to me that we haven't talked a lot about what we put on those 
big doors! They are a bit like a blank canvas - whether white, bisque 
(such as mine), black or stainless steel. 
I have seen people who turn their doors into photo galleries - their life comes to the 
forefront sharing memories with pictures of everyone who has crossed their path, 
from childhood friends to the latest cute baby of the family.

My doors may not be engaging to those who love overload. I lean more toward one 
major seasonal photo or illustration, surrounded by a changing collection of 'frig 
magnets, many from my travels. 
My favorite thing to display is a page torn from a magazine, most likely the British 
edition of Country Living as they have the most beautiful nature inspired  
articles. I keep folders of these favorite pages for each of the four seasons, 
changing the page every couple of weeks.

I do love to have something handy to write on - reminders, shopping lists etc.
This current magnetic notepad - a gift from my fabulous friend Penny from the 
blog The Comforts of Home - has thick, smooth paper, easy to tear off, and I found
 a bundle of these 'posh' paper wrapped pencils at Anthropologie.
The useful set of magnets with quotes I've had forever.

The current 'gallery' page shows a rustic table and vintage metal chairs illuminated 
by quite lovely chandeliers. Food, wine, candles, and urns with blooming 
paperwhites cover the table. The overall feeling is one of a warm place to sit and 
enjoy the Winter days in the kitchen or dining room. 
The French-style fleur-de-lis magnets are perfect for securing this page to the door.


  1. Sadly, nothing! My fridge is built in inside a wooden door so no magnets!

  2. I like your post. My Grandkids pics and magnets where I have traveled are on my fridge door. I like your newspaper page of seasonal pictures. A great idea

  3. That's so nice B, I've often wished my kitchen had that feature - sadly the cottage still has the original cabinets and the big 'frig has nowhere to hide!

  4. Your refrigerator door looks like an art gallery, as you stated. It's very attractive and un-cluttered and I like it a lot! I have the magnetic brushed nickel Umbra frames with family photos in them on the freezer door while the fridge door holds a magnetic telephone # book (with a pretty cover!) a wooden apple that has a clothes pin to attach my shopping list to, and some odds and ends of notices or business cards...all of which change from time to time. I'm afraid it's a bit cluttered looking and I'm going to do something about that right now! :) A timely post! Enjoy your day.

  5. Dear Mary, I like your "Art Gallery" on your refrigerator door. I have nothing on mine except that my fridge has painted panels attached to the surface which match the color of my cabinets. There is so much going on in my kitchen that I needed to let one surface be sans pictures.

  6. Mary, your home is beautiful so why would we expect your fridge to be anything but gorgeous! Love the page from CL, a favourite magazine of mine, too. Sadly, my fridge is the ugly sister to yours, home to business cards, local notices and a takeaway menu from the Pizza place! but it does have two redeeming features. A photograph of my beautiful cocker spaniel Ben, who I still miss every day and one of myself and two dear friends taken when we visited Graceland together in 2005.

  7. How fun that you can think of me when you look at the little list pad! My stainless is not magnetic, so nothing on m fridge doors. I love that magazine page. I would love to sit and dine at that table.

  8. Penny, I don't know what I'll do when it's finished! It's really the loveliest notepad ever!!

  9. I'm not fond of clutter - so my refrigerator has an old list on it - one that our youngest grandson scribbled on when he was 14 months old - it pleased Don the Donnie was "making a list", since Don is a great list maker himself. I have a smallish magnet photo of another grandson and a little "cow" with springy legs and magnets in each hoof (the cow is facing out like it is standing up like humans do) and everyone that goes by put the springy legs in different positions - from ballet to punting a football - and that's it for my fridge.

  10. Our fridge is subzero with a wood cabinet door, so no magnetics will work for me. I have those on the dryer in the laundry room. '-)
    I frequently find myself "reading" other's refrigerator doors when they include quotes and photos. Enjoyed yours!

  11. Your refrigerator is so much classier than mine. Now I must run and clean it up.
    I have pictures of family children, magnets that sometimes say silly things and
    then the magnet notepaper pad where I ask family to write food items they have
    used up. I love your inspiration picture and absolutely love the British edition of
    Country Living.

  12. So happy to be back and catching up on your blog (and finally getting back into the swing of my own!) -- it feels good to be home! I like your seasonal fridge style... what a great idea. I never touch ours. The same pictures, postcards, magnets, and business cards have been up there since last year. I've organized them, but never really added or removed things. I do tend to seasonally "theme" the photos on the little "bird on a wire" hanging photo string (from Target) in our dining room. Which reminds me, the photos that are up now are still Christmas photos, eek! :)

    xo Cassie

  13. Your fridge door is beautifully elegant, like the rest of your home. My fridge has a few family photos on the top and on the bottom, a set of brightly coloured magnetic letters that the little ones use to spell out "words." I do love those fleur-de-lis magnets!

  14. Hi Mary,

    It is the white, coating your refrigerator door, that immediately brings to mind the walls of a gallery, so perfect for displaying fine art on a clean, bare canvas. The current work of art, the lovely photograph showing a serene and pretty scene set for one's dining pleasure, is a lovely 'exhibit', as are the golden tinged fleur-de-lis magnets that hold it up for adoration. Thank you for sharing your kitchen art gallery!


  15. It's no surprise to me that even your fridge door is arranged with flair.
    On mine? Our names and the names of our children, spelled out in magnetic letters...and a shopping list pad.


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