Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Walking in Winter. . . . . . .

Sunday afternoon. 
Bright sunshine and quite warm.
We went back to the pond to see how it looked after the heavy rain we heard 
falling Saturday night. Our bundled up shadows fell on chilly water. The ice was gone, 
the water was much higher, and several Canada geese were being fed by passersby.

Colors were few, but when we found some they were bright and beautiful.

A nearby creek, its gunmetal water flowing quite fast, brushed the 
leafy edges as it twisted through a subdivision.

Winter walking can be pleasant . . . . . . . I'm doing mine while I can 
because I still think the worst weather is yet to come in these parts!


  1. Lovely images Mary - your weather sounds very similar to ours. Lots of brilliant winter sunshine with blue skies, then a day of dull weather with rain. Perhaps, foolishly, I booked a break in Somerset last autumn for this week so hoping the roads and countryside stay reasonably fine.

  2. Hello Mary,

    On these bright but chilly Winter days it is invigorating to get out and about.

    How perfectly you describe the gunmetal water of the river. Your photograph illustrates it beautifully. It is just as if liquid Mercury has been poured out.

    And, how wonderful it is to return home to the warmth.

  3. I spent Friday and yesterday driving back and forth to Charlotte for a Doctors Appointment. Why both days? They messed up the Friday appointment so I had to come back. Anyway, as beautiful as the weekend was, a lot was spent in the car and not walking :-(. Your photos are beautiful Mary.

  4. Very pretty photos Mary. It's nice to get out for a winter walk on a nice day. It's cold and windy in the sunshine today after a very spring-like day yesterday. It couldn't last. :(

  5. The geese look very pleased to be on water instead of ice. Beautiful photos of light and shadow. Gunmetal is a perfect word to describe the color of the water. We, too, like to walk on bright days; we walk on the cloudy/drizzly ones as well, but the sunshine is so wonderful and soon we'll feel heat coming from it.

  6. Hi Mary, I've been away from blog land for a while but feeling an urge to venture back in now! Wow, it looks chilly over your way, and more to come by the sounds. Keep warm! Cheers Jane

  7. Your walk is just delightful! How I would love walking here with you.


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