Monday, March 28, 2016

Branson - music and more!

A few photos from friendly Branson - we had such a fabulous visit.

Arriving at Springfield, Missouri airport at sunset.

Walking through the charming historic old part of Branson.

We went to these six shows whilst in Branson. 
Every one was really good with great singers and dancers, definitely a lot of fun.
 My favorite (Bob's too) was George Dyer - the most charming tenor with
an extraordinary voice who could sing anything, he blew us away!

Theatres, theatres everywhere!

Early on a sunny morning Paula, Bob and I took a trip to the National Tiger Sanctuary
 near Branson. 
This is a non-profit, rescue and training organization that provides a permanent
 home for exotic and domestic animals.
 The sanctuary is dedicated to preservation of the environment and exemplary
 animal care. IT IS NOT A  ZOO, and there are no breeding programs.

The white tigers were rescued from a magic show. They had only ever lived
 on concrete, causing them serious foot problems. Now they are healing and
 gradually becoming used to their spacious natural area complete with their
 own 'swimming pools'. 
They are magnificent animals.

This is Harry, one of two cubs rescued after being used in the 'Pay for Play' industry. 
Many exotics die early from stress and germs after being handled that way. 
Harry loves the water for swimming, even when it's ice cold.
A pride of lions were brought to the sanctuary in 2013. There are two are large males,
 with three females - they all seem to get along well together. These cats were owned
by a private collector. When he died, apparently his wife did not want to continue
caring for them. I wonder why?
This female was not too happy when I bent down to eye level to take her picture,
 and snarled at me. I still loved her!

This is Leo, an extremely large older lion who loved just lying in the sun, 
yawning and showing us his huge teeth when he roared!

As you may know, we no longer visit zoos since traveling to Africa and
viewing the big cats (no tigers there of course, but plenty of lions, leopards
 and cheetahs) in their natural habitats. This sanctuary appears to be in excellent
hands, with much love and devotion shown toward their animals, all of which
 have been rescued from dire conditions where their lives were at risk.

Yes, the Branson trip was a lot of fun - and of course seeing dear friends
was wonderful as always.

I'll be taking a short blog break this week - have a lot going on and need
to play catch up.


  1. Those animals are so beautiful. I am glad that there are rescue places like the one you went to help those poor things! I am with you. We don't go to zoos either.

  2. It looks like you had good weather for your trip, too, Mary. Near the end of April we are going to see a production of Putting on the Ritz - can't wait!
    I wonder if this sanctuary is the one that was in the news here about four years ago. A local man had a tiger and there was such outcry that he had to get rid of it, and I believe it went to a tiger sanctuary in the southern US.

  3. I'm glad to see the sanctuary is well run, and I am glad there are people in this world who step up to take care of these magnificent animals. I love lions, and your photographs are great!

  4. I grew up in central Missouri. My father loved to fish & many of our vacations were spent tent camping in the Ozarks, especially in the Table Rock Lake area. Back then Branson was a wide spot in the road with many fishing camps in the area, Marvel Cave & later Silver Dollar City. I went there on my Senior trip & we went to The Shepherd of the Hills & the music show "The Baldknobbers". The big names weren't there yet! We even honeymooned in Branson in 1967! I am wanting to go there next year on our 50th. I'm a Hoosier now but part of me still is a Missourian.

  5. Thanks for taking us along to Branson and to the sanctuary. It was a fun trip for us as well!

  6. Mary, what a fabulous time you had. 6 shows?! Wow. I'm sure they were all good, especially George Dyer's as you mentioned. Wonderful!

    I so LOVE this tiger rescue sanctuary. How lovely the magnificent animals can enjoy the last of their days in a better, healthier environment, as oppsed to only concrete for those white tigers, for example. How sad! jhow wonderful to see them then laying there in the sun.

    Yes, I'm so with you. Even as a child going to London's zoo or the one in San Fran, I never liked them. I always felt it was so awful for those incredible creatures to be locked up in such tiny areas. As such, my faves were the so called safaris we had where the monkeys would jump down from the trees on onto the coach as we drove through, as so on!

    Thank God for good people who care enough to take the time and resources to properly care for these beautiful majestic animals.

    Glad you had a good time in Branson. How could you not?! :) Enjoy your break, dear Mary.

  7. I am surprised by your favorite show only because I have never heard of that performer and have heard of the others. Now I'll have to look him up! The day spent with the lions and tigers had to be a treat. One just doesn't see such marvelous animals very often, and especially not if you have chosen not to visit zoos for personal reasons. I am glad to read that it is a good place for them.

  8. Sounds like you had a marvelous time in Branson! I didn't know they had a tiger/lion sanctuary. Cats (big and domesticated) are my favorite animals. I follow a big cat rescue group on Instagram...they're in Brazil and the work they do is amazing. Like you, I will not visit and support zoos (and circuses or rodeos). Enjoy your blog break!

  9. A lovely visit - thanks for the info on the rescued animals. I'm with you about zoos - it makes me sad to see the animals caged simply for show. I admire those who take on the care of the distressed animals.

  10. What a wonderful sanctuary for these animals. I do love the kind hearted people that rescue abused animals. Happy to hear you had a good trip.

  11. Mary, the shows sound great - nothing beats live theatre.
    I don't think I could visit the tiger sanctuary - I'm so soft when it comes to animals and children.
    It really affects me - all the same you got some great shots and I imagine they are as happy as they can be out of their natural environment.

  12. They are such regal creatures! Mary, I stopped visiting zoos (and circuses) a long time ago. It's good to know about this sanctuary, and know these tigers and lions are enjoying a better life.


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