Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mountains and Music . . . . . . . .

Flying westward later today. 
A little trip to Branson, Missouri.
It will be my first time in the Ozarks. 
Although we may not have time to see a lot of the beautiful mountain scenery, 
I'm hoping flying in will bring some great aerial views before the sun sets this evening.
 We'll meet up with California friends to enjoy some time together . . . . . 
and plenty of music which Branson is known for.  
We'll attend several concerts which I'm sure will be fun.

Coming back home for Easter.
The rabbits will be waiting. . . . . . 
and a chocolate egg is tucked away for someone special.


  1. Have a lovely time Mary ..... sound's as if you will be busy doing some lovely things and then returning to chocolate .... what could be better ?!! XXXX

  2. Aww...love the bunnies, Mary. Everyone should get a little chocolate something at Easter. Enjoy your trip. Hugs, Deb

  3. Safe travels Mary and Bob. Looking forward to hearing about the music you enjoyed. And Happy Easter! Hugs, Penny

  4. Dear Mary, Have a most wonderful trip and please,take lots of photos. Have never been to the Ozarks.

  5. The Great Dane would be so envious - and I'd be happy to go along for the scenery. I hope you have a lovely time - safe journey and safe home!

  6. Have fun with friends - such a wonderful thing we often don't do. Beautiful Easter tableaux.

  7. Have a fun time in Branson! Love the mosaic. XX

  8. We were in Branson last summer. It's an interesting place with lots of interesting stores.

  9. Happy travels! Happy Easter!
    Lucky one that gets a chocolate egg.

  10. I would love to go to Branson. All that marvelous folk music. Alex has been there, I believe.

    Hope you did get to see the Ozarks as I'm sure they are gorgeous.

    I hope too that you put up some photos of your easter decor, egg(s) and table settings. I;d be so interested in seeing how you do that.

  11. Beautiful! I miss a traditional Easter...with family. Enjoy your trip, wishing you a Happy Easter Mary! xx

  12. Hope you are having a wonderful time in Branson!

  13. I will google Branson Mary as I've not heard of it before!
    Your Easter rabbits are so very sweet.
    As always your house is beautifully decorated - not over the top but cleverly understated just how I like it!
    Chocolate.... My downfall!
    Shane x


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