Thursday, March 10, 2016

Daffodils and Rabbits. . . . . . . .

Don't worry, no real rabbits spotted in the almost Spring garden yet!  
Did see one a few nights ago on the driveway, but hoping his/her taste for
 nibbling doesn't extend to my now lovely clumps of bright daffodils scattered
 everywhere. I almost hesitate to cut them for the house, I love to see them
 wafting in the breeze on these splendid sunny days we're lucky to be blessed
 with this week. 

But cut a few I did. I'm moving just one vase about the cottage, enjoying them
 today in the dining room where I'm now displaying my white rabbits, whom
 I must point out are very well behaved and nibble on nothing! 
Easter will arrive early this year. I love looking at these rabbits so moved them
 from the confines of their attic storage boxes a little early.

During a stop at Tuesday Morning this week following a doctor visit 
nearby - shopping is always a pleasure following that hassle - I purchased
 these three resin Easter/Spring eggs with black graphics . . . . . plum blossom,
 butterfly and dandelion. Being flat-bottomed they can stand up which is a
 change from the usual eggs which are inclined to roll about!

They are the only additions to this season's decor - remember I'm trying to downsize!

Oh those glorious golden daffodils, how they bring smiles and happy thoughts!


  1. Dear Mary, What a lovely sight to see your daffodils so beautifully displayed and photographed. Thought you might like to know that animals do not like daffodils. They may take a little nibble but soon realize that they are poisonous. You might have noticed that your tulip bulbs will disappear over time but daffodils happily naturalize.

    1. You are so right Gina! The squirrels would give their bushy tails for a tulip - have watched them bite off the entire bloom and that makes me so mad, and they will dig out the bulbs - but no, now you mention it, don't think I've ever seen a little devil chew on a daffodil, thank goodness! I never get more than one season of good blooms with tulips here - they don't like our hot Summers - even though I now plant them in pots. Many of my daffs are years old and they have multiplied. Sadly the entire garden needs a huge makeover to be really lovely again - even more sad, my back now won't allow me to spend much time digging or doing the heavy stuff!

      Will be scattering your aster seeds after the rains come - it's 80F again today!
      Hugs - Mary

  2. It does make our heart quicken to have flowers and our favorite things around and good weather too. I don't think you are going to be able to downsize much.

    1. You hit the nail on the head ALMOST Donna dear! But yesterday I did clean out the potting shed and ordered a 'special load' city pickup of the stuff too big for the trash can - so see I did at least downsize the shed, which is a start, haha!

      Mary -

  3. Replies
    1. Penny notice what they're standing on? The lovely French inspired lazy Susan from you - I do use it a lot!

      Mary -

  4. Oh those beautiful daffodils! So pretty. I love the bunnies and the eggs and your pretty vignettes. Have a lovely day Mary. xx Pam

  5. Like you, I often move my bouquets around the house with me. I will have to look for some of those well-behaved bunnies!

  6. They are glorious! Makes me grin just to see them. I almost purchased a small bouquet of them yesterday and am now sorry that I didn't. I see just three daffodils in my garden. Guess there'll not be much blowing in the breeze for them.

  7. Love the bunnies, eggs, and especially the daffodils. Isn't it hard to remind ourselves we are downsizing?!! There are so many pretties out there. I go out and pick the daffodils that are bending over from the wind, my justification for a bouquet.

  8. The daffodils are so beautiful. Because they are poisonous to cats I won't have any here but I certainly love seeing yours. The first photo is like candy to my eyes. Every colour I love is there. I just love the Easter season. Deb

  9. Mary, your daffodils and bunny vignettes are lovely and reflect your wonderful taste. I'm so glad to see the resin eggs which are delightful and so unique. Such items make it hard to downsize!
    Farm Gal in VA

  10. Mary, I was tempted to cut my iris and bring them into the house, but didn't. Now that we've had heavy rains in recent days, I wish I had brought them into the house. ;-)
    No daffodils in my garden. I've not had good luck with them, so need to try again. Cut ones in bundles for $1 are available in the grocery. You've inspired me to bring some home next trip.
    Fun to see your bunnies. Mine hopped out of the attic storage too. It feels good to have them frolicking about.

  11. Lovely lovely decorations. I adore daffodils. When I was growing up my dad would order 10 dozen daffodils for my birthday - they had to be shipped in by plane to Alaska, as none were growing locally in March. It is still my favorite flower.

  12. Mary,

    My daffodils are the first to come up after crocus but I think those are too few and small to cut and bring in. The daffs need to come in before rain as they gat splashed with mud and there is no way to get them really clean as they are so fragile. I have much better luck with my tulips and they come later of course. Very few rabbits in my yard, I think they sense my dogs. They do however make a dent in my veggie plantings as do the squirrels come summer. Grrrr...

    Love that you had a few giggles over my post this morning. We have to take things with a grain of salt and a light heart some of the time. I really try to think that way but I often just lie in bed weeping...ha ha!!

    Love to you and say hello to Bob from us! :D


  13. Daffodils always make me smile - such a cheerful flower somehow.

    All the best Jan

  14. The daffodils are just starting to pop up out of the ground here...alongside the crocuses. Ohhh, SO looking forward to Springtime!! :)

  15. Grr....I think blogger ate up my longish comment. Bummer!

    Well, I was saying, i love daffodils --my favourite flowers. I only wish the ones around here were not jsut barely budding but at least they do come eventually, jsut rather smaller here.

    your photos are incredible, Mary. This whole post is just wonderful. your cottage is divine.

    Can't wait to learn more about yours and Bob's next venture!


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