Monday, March 7, 2016

Breakfast with Apples. . . . . . . . .

I've been really busy with apples lately. Peeling, slicing, chopping. 
Baking them into cakes, desserts, and yesterday an apple pie (my lovely
 friend Penny's recipe of course). All are always good as apples never fail.
Have also been poaching them for adding to my morning yogurt or oatmeal,
 even better from a nutritious point of view I guess.
Sadly, due to throat issues, I can no longer swallow raw apples.
Luckily I always preferred them cooked anyway, so I'm
happy to keep trying new recipes containing apples.

My favorite yogurt is definitely Trader Joe's Greek Yogurt with Honey
which comes in the useful and inexpensive 2 pound tub. 
It requires nothing to enhance it really, it's so amazing, but of course to make
 a meal of it I often add fresh fruits, perhaps a few nuts, some chia seeds, 
sometimes apple sauce - the little unsweetened tubs when in a pinch.
 But now I like to chop up a few apples, Golden Delicious being my favorite,
 they hold their shape and don't go mushy when poached quickly in a small
 saucepan with a couple of tablespoons of water and a sprinkle of Demerara sugar.
I keep them in a covered container in the refrigerator - they last several 
days - to add to yogurt or oatmeal.

Did you make yourself a nutritious breakfast this morning?


  1. I love Greek yogurt. It's a great base for many dishes. I love it, too, with granola and fruit.
    Your napkin is very pretty. Deb

  2. I love cooked apples. I used to chop up a bunch with cinnamon and some sugar and let them simmer on the stove .. my house would smell fabulous and "Mamas Applesauce" would go in oatmeal in the mornings, snacks in the afternoon and dessert at dinner :)

  3. Mary, you are amazing. In the morning I usually grab a cookie and coffee. I wish I were more health conscious. Now my dogs - they are the ones that get a cooked breakfast.

  4. Your breakfast looks yummy and healthy! Yes, I do make myself a healthy breakfast every morning. In fact, I just finished a bowl of cereal - my homemade granola with raw almonds and fresh raspberries on top. With unsweetened almond milk.

  5. That has been my standard breakfast forever Mary!
    At the moment the fruit is pears off my friends tree and they are delicious too!
    But I always come back to apples and never tire of them.
    I add a dessertspoon of ground LSA (linseed, sunflower and almond) most days too!
    A healthy start to the day!

  6. I'm having an apple for a snack right now - Red Delicious. I offered one to a friend recently and she commented on how wonderful the apple was - like they used to taste when she was a kid. That's what organic apples are - like we used to eat when we were kids. I'm not a fan of yogurt - the taste and smell reminds me of a medicine I had to take 'round the clock when I was five and had polio - but Don loves it - he likes plain, nothing added - and puts in his own fresh or frozen berries. I'm a big fan of apple desserts though - I have a fresh apple cake recipe that is spectacular - it calls for 4 cups of finely chopped apples and one cup of chopped pecans - more apples than batter - my kind of cake.

  7. Mary, while it's unfortunate you can;t eat apples raw anymore at least you liked them poached! I would be in a quandary. Your photos are, as always, gorgeous that I almost want to try poached again! However, reality is that those are not my fave probably b/c my mother so often made them and presented as a dessert with raisins and each time I was so sorely let down it wasn't something like sticky toffee pudding or what have you! But, you are both right to make them--nutritious and warming. I can totally imagine them with porridge or yoghurt. Might even like them that way. Hmmm.... BTw, I will need to try Trader Joe's yog too at some point.

  8. OK, I FINALLY made it through all yours (and Cassie's) blog posts (Trouble with a full time job and such--good prob though)! Onto Downton Abbey now (online). CAN'T wait! We took are fitting for the occasion with homemade soup and maybe the fireplace on as well. Shoot, we even have popcorn! :)

  9. Pancakes with blueberries were made for me by my live-in gardener. I must try Trader Joe's yogurt and also try with apples. It sounds so good.

  10. I am with you Mary, I enjoy baked apples as well. I think I am the only one in my family that does. I love greek yogurt and even better if it is homemade. Something we do occasionally. We make our own muesli, my standard breakfast in the morning when I am in Vietnam. My other choice is oatmeal if I happen to have been lucky enough to find raspberries in the local international market. By the time they get here they can be up to $10.00 a punnet. Fresh tastes so much better than frozen. I reckon some days, I am worth it. ;) If I could have it every day, I would make Bircher Museli. I love it! Best wishes to you Mary by way of Saigon and Happy International Women's Day! xx

  11. Your breakfast is similar to mine - I start the day with an apple (raw) sliced into a bowl and topped with organic yogurt and some chopped nuts. It's filling and keeps me going until noon. Poached apples would be delicious! And faster to eat. I feel like I chew like crazy to get done breakfast in time.


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