Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I had a good feeling. . . . . . . . . . . .

 . . . . . . those Florida grapefruit would be awesome!  
Remember, I only paid $1.49 for a bag of five ruby grapefruit fresh in
 from our beautiful southern sunshine state last weekend. 

They certainly add even more color to the kitchen when cut open. 
I add a little Demerera sugar and let them sit awhile - often doing it the night before -
then they are really sweet and luscious in the morning.

These have to be the most ruby red grapefruit ever!  

Both the tea towel and adorable 'March Hare' plate are from Anthropologie. 
I bought a couple of these tea towels last year and actually use them as
 oversized napkins, and granddaughter Jasmin gave me the plate as a gift.
 As for my sweet birds? My dear friend and neighbor Lori gave me these.
 Aren't people wonderful when they know just what you love?


  1. The photos of the grapefruit belong in a foodie magazine. So beautiful. Your kitchen looks so inviting. And my eye went right to the little gold bird. What lovely gifts to receive. xo Deb

  2. I love how you celebrate those luscious grapefruit halves, Mary. Sunshine on your breakfast table!

  3. Love them and what a deal on the grapefruits. I love them but can't eat them because of meds. My son eats them daily.

  4. The grapefruit is making my mouth water! They look so juicy. Love the tea towel, birds and the bunny plate. Lovely vignettes too! Enjoy the day.

  5. Oh how delicious they look! Thanks for the tip about sugaring in advance. (We often eat ours with maple syrup, a very tasty sweet~sour combination.)

  6. I had my ruby red grapefruit this morning too! Love that sweet plate!

  7. Ruby red grapefruit is my favorite winter fruit. I eat one almost every single day all winter! I don't put any sugar on mine though; I love them the way they are. Lately, I've moved on to clementines ("cuties") but those will be out of season soon, too. But that's OK, because next is berries. Another favorite fruit of mine. :-) Your kitchen looks beautiful! I don't think I've seen pictures of it before.

  8. Love it all, the towels, plate, and birds. How nice to have others know you so well. Your post on the grapefruit enticed me to buy a couple (2 for $1) today, can't wait for morning to have some.

  9. Oh my gosh... your post just reminded me.... I have grapefruit in the frig that I need to eat. Think I will head that way right this minute.

  10. What wonderful gifts, Mary. Yes, how good indeed. :)

    You prep your grapefruit the same way i like to as well. Those look incredible! so red and love the hint of sparkle from the sugar crystals. Great photos, as always.


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