Friday, March 18, 2016

Musical Mornings. . . . . . . . . .

Being safe at home is such a comforting feeling. Despite my busy travel schedule to many amazing places in the world over the past several years, I do love being here in the cottage. There really is no place like home.

Do you play music in your home? I realized recently that I've not been playing music CDs like I used to. I have numerous CDs I've purchased over many years. Bob has his collection too as we have different musical tastes. Between us we have a cabinet chock-a-block with a big mix of musical offerings. Sometimes I play one on my computer if I'm alone - I love Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Eva Cassidy, movie soundtracks, Turkish melodies (memories) from Istanbul, soothing New Age piano solos etc. We have a stereo system for playing CDs and tapes tucked into the cabinet near the fireplace, but often it's not used for months. I always load up music nonstop over the holidays, nice background music for raising a glass and nibbling snacks when family and friends stop by, but then it sits dormant. I do play CDs in my car, rarely listening to the radio unless it's a classical music station.

During the week, whilst cleaning the guest room, I found a forgotten portable AM/FM radio in the nightstand. I dusted it off and brought it into the kitchen where I tuned it to our local classical station and enjoyed some lovely music whilst cooking etc. I think I'll keep it there and turn it on often. With so much insanity in the world music truly can soothe our souls, especially in times of stress. The music I embrace is classical and beautiful. . . . . thought provoking during quiet sections, exhilarating and spine tingling as crescendos rise drowning out the ugly bits of modern life. 

So of course I must ask you, being the inquisitive blogger I am. . . . . 
. . . . . do you listen to music in your home?



  1. I love seeing your cosy cottage. Mr France and I also have different tastes in music, it depends what I'm doing for my choice, but I could listen to classical music all day,

  2. I rarely listen to music at home. But ... I really enjoy singing some high end stuff. Last weekend my choir performed with the symphony orchestra. We sang in Latin, Aramaic, and English. I hope you sometimes sing along with the radio or your CDs.

  3. Oh Mary, that photo. My eyes took in every detail right down to the daisies. You have such exquisite taste and can pull it together to create a warm and welcoming room. Wow!
    I am not a fan of listening to the radio, either. One rap song and I'm ready to take someone on. lol I love James Taylor, Jimmy Rankin,Sara McLaughlin & B. B. King. A bit of a mix.

  4. Like you, I don't listen to music as much around home as I used to. Sometimes I find it a bit distracting when I'm reading a book of intense interest. When out in the car, however, I'm most always tuned into a Soft Jazz station. Loved the old Rock 'n Roll, Disco, Pop, as well as Yo Yo Ma. Bruno Mars is a bit of fun at the Ladies Workout. Maybe I need to find a little kitchen radio also. 😊

  5. Your room is so beautiful, Mary. I could easily imagine sitting there raising a glass as soothing music played in the background.
    When we had our house built we had surround sound built into the family room with speakers in the foyer and patio area. I imagined a home filled with beautiful music. I also imagined enjoying a cold drink on the patio after a day of working in the garden. Music would be playing in the background. That lasted for a few years until the stereo system started malfunctioning and for the last several years has sat silent. We have been talking recently about getting it fixed or replaced. I guess it's a matter of finding someone to do the job and often that seems like too much effort.
    Anyhow, I occasionally listen to Pandora in the house. Now the car is another matter altogether. That is where my CDs are played at somewhat high volume as I sing along to my old favorites. I also like to check out the various offerings on satellite radio.

  6. It seems we only listen to music when we have company. We too have tons of CD's from 60's to classical and everything in between. I recently made a list of what I want more of in my life and music (along with dancing) was one of them!

  7. Yes, sirius on the television and my iPhone in the car. Most all is soothing.

  8. Last Saturday morning we had people in for brunch. Tim decided we needed music and went to change the CD player. First, he had to take out all the Christmas CDs! Now the Beatles and Mumford and Sons are loaded and I've been playing them a little more. I love Enya and classical music, too. It's lovely to work while music plays.

  9. Mary, your cottage is so inviting, I don't think I'd want to leave. Love the image you shared and would love to pin it. The white tureens in the shelves are making my heart flutter. You have great style. Every detail about this room touches me. Just stunning!
    Yes, we love music here, though like you it seems we forget these days. I need to change that.
    Is there a "pin" button available on this post?
    Thanks for sharing and happy weekend.

  10. Most of the day long starting at 8 in the morning and through 5 when I do turn to a local favorite radio personality on politics. Then John takes over and listens to the news...I can do without that and am usually cleaning up from supper. Then we watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Then it just depends who has charge of the remote. I understand that cds are hopelessly old-fashioned, but I miss mine. I really like Eva Cassidy as well.

  11. Mary, your room is lovely, lovely, lovely. You have exquisite taste.
    Now for music....I do not listen to music in my home; would prefer to listen to our country sounds and to the birds singing. In the car, however, I listen to classical music on the radio or play CDs if I cannot find a classical station.
    Farm Gal in VA

  12. Funny that you should ask. I listen to CD's in the car. We have tons of CD's in the house. However, do we listen to them? I have been thinking that same thing. Christmas you will hear music, but throughout the year, not so much.

  13. While I love music - have season's tickets to the opera and enjoy the symphony and have otherwise pretty eclectic taste - at home I like silence. I'll load the CD player for a dinner party but when I'm home alone I listen to the sounds of the house and garden. In the car I listen to CBC on short trips and to CDs on longer trips.
    Your cottage living room looks so cosy........

  14. the photo of your home here really captures the comforts of home, doesn't it?

    You know, I think I have maybe three CDs in total now. Before CDs became really popular, I used to listen to records and loved the attention of putting the needle on the record, listening to the pops and hisses etc but never really got onto CDs as they seemed so tinny...and still do!

    As it is, we don't own a TV, CD player, DVD player or such. Can you believe it?! :) We really are declluttered. Everything like that we do from our computer nowadays and I love that. It takes up so much less room. So, in answer to your question, unless Alex is playing with her smule app to sing tracks* (better than having to go to some dive bar to do karaoke as she used to have to do), we don't ahve music playing. Well, ok, we do have a list of songs at Christmas for our xmas party, like Botticelli etc. I love Debussey and folk in general. Love Loreena McKennitt btw. :)

    *Alex's singing can be heard over here: She has solos there as well as duets she picks up from others (she is always the 2nd person singing.) Not sure how many songs you might know, but you might enjoy. Yes, she really can sing. lol. NOT like me, sorry to say.

  15. You might be sorry you asked Mary...I have several playlists, suited for all occasions..writing, cooking, exercise, dinner, cocktails, Christmas and the list goes on. It is my 'go to' for music. iTunes is where I do it all. I also enjoy the playlists on Amazon Music, my favourites this week.. 'Classical for Reading' and 'Smooth Jazz After Work'. We have a Sonos entertainment system at Tahilla Farm which allows me to play it all. asked. ;)


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