Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cheerio, I'm going home............

Nothing beats a sunny Spring day in the British Isles.
Here's hoping there will be many while I'm there!

I'm leaving for England this Friday.  
Crossing the pond, anxious to step on home turf after a two year absence.

After spending a week in the northern Lake District where we'll meet up with dear friends, see new places, and perhaps include a visit (my first ever!) over the border to bonnie Scotland............

..........DH and I will head down to the south coast of Devon to my home town to visit family, dear longtime friends, and former neighbors.

Land of thatched cottages.....................

.............scenic countryside, and beautiful seascapes. 

I'll try to post if time permits and share photos of places I visit.  My only disappointment - unable to meet up with all my British blog friends scattered across the UK.  Already thinking about an extended visit next time! However, if all goes according to plan, I will meet two blogging friends and I'm very excited about this. Stay tuned for details. 

All photos taken in the county of Devon on my last visit to England.


  1. Those photos are just gorgeous Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Mary, I'm excited for you too!
    These pictures are just beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful trip visiting and touring and will look forward to seeing pictures and hearing of your adventures. Blessings, Pamela

  3. We shall be crossing paths I think as we leave on Friday for Houston. Have a wonderful time and I know you will love being back in S Devon - my husband grew up in Exeter. Maybe next time you will find time to come to France!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time, the Lakes are wonderful. As for Devon it's many years since I was last there - I spent almost all my childhood annual summer holidays in Devon but have only been back once as an adult and that was 25 years ago. I really should do something about that! Bon voyage!

  5. Oh Mary have an absolutely wonderful time visiting!! You will be missed while you are gone! Meeting new friends and visiting new places will be fun. Enjoy visiting with friends and family! Safe trip!

  6. Hope you have a really lovely holiday in your 'home' country, Mary. As Jan says, maybe one day you will come to France!

  7. All so beautiful dear... it almost bring tears to my eyes... thinking about home is always a good feeling. I hope you have a wonderful time back in homeland! I will miss you!!! Love, Vanessa

  8. Hope you have a fantastic trip 'home' Mary!
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  9. I hope you have the most marvelous time!

  10. Mary!
    have a wonderful trip!!
    warmest hugs..

  11. So happy for you that you'll be back home visiting in this amazing countryside. Gorgeous photos! Travel safely. Hugs ~ Sarah

  12. We live so close to the Lake District - it would have been nice to meet up - maybe next time. Enjoy your visit.

  13. Wishing you a wonderful time in the UK,
    such a shame we won't meet up this time but perhaps one day.

  14. Oh my, oh my! I'm so excited for you it's almost as if I were going. Have a fabulous, lovely time, and all best wishes to you and your DH as you travel and see the sights and meet friends.

  15. Have a wonderful time, Mary!


  16. The images are dreamy, wishing you had room for one stowaway and her camera. Have a beautiful time and take lots of pictures to blog.

  17. Have a wonderful time and safe travels. You will love the Lake District and Scotland.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  18. Have a wonderful trip. Be sure to take pictures of pink.♥

  19. Beautiful, Mary! I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip.


  20. Hi Mary
    I know you will have a wonderful time. Think of me when you stop for a cream tea in Devon.
    Hugs, Mary

  21. Oh God, you'll never know how much I envy you right now! Be sure to take lots of photos and post them. Longing so badly to come back there! Have a great time (and I'm sure you will....)

  22. Have a great time and I wish I were going along.

    I just love the English countryside. Will be looking forward to your gorgeous photos when you return.



  23. Such great pictures and just how I imagined England would be. The picture with the fence overlooking the sea just captivated me!

    Whenever I read Rosamund Pilchers books I dream of going to England!

    Have a safe and happy trip!

  24. Hi Mary,
    Just popping by to say hello and wish you a fabbulous trip home. Your photos are beautful and I can't wait to see your new ones - England must be lovely this time of year.
    Hugs and Blessings,

  25. I can't wait to see all of the photos! Through your eyes it will almost be like visiting myself!
    Take Care,


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