Friday, May 20, 2011

Heading North in England................

What a busy trip this has been..................and now, just a few days before leaving, I'm trying to find a little time to organize some photos to share.......before you think I've fallen off the edge of the globe!
When we arrived in Manchester almost two weeks ago (and, after meeting up with two lovely bloggers for a quick airport hello - more on that in another post), we then caught up with Paula and friends arriving from their week in Italy.  Heading North to the Lake District of Cumbria, we detoured to catch a glimpse of the seaside town of Blackpool where Paula lived at one time, and where our dear traveling friend Babs,(who was with us on safari last year) and her family live.  Rain was heavy so these pics were taken from the vehicle.  The Tower and pier are well known Blackpool landmarks.

Leaving the seaside, we were soon on our way to Cumbria and the Lake District.  It was showery but the sun popped out - this was the weather we were soon used to for the entire week.  Fortunately the dry spells were more prevalent than the rain and it wasn't cold.

The Lake District..............truly one of the most beautiful areas of countryside I've ever seen.
Springtime, the perfect time to visit when these little guys were visible in the thousands, gamboling in the flower-filled meadows with the mysterious fells in the background.  


  1. We love the Lake District too hoping to visit in September. BUT rain, we haven't had any proper rain in Surrey for, well I cannot remember when we last had some it was so long ago.

    I hope you have enjoyed your visit to the UK and haven't found too many changes for the worse??

    Have a safe journey , love Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  2. Mary, I'm so glad you have been in the Lake district. It is one of our favourite spots, and such beauty lies all around.
    Continue to enjoy it all.

  3. It is just lovely there, dear Mary. It would be a dream for me to be able to visit your homeland.

  4. Mary, it is all so lovely, and I love the last photo! I'd love to cuddle with it yet I don't think it would like that very much.
    How wonderful to meet new bloggers! I met one last weekend even though I was new to her blog. Then getting together with Paul and Babs must have made this a wonderful time. Can't wait to see more photos!
    Have fun you two!
    Take Care,

  5. I think Cumbria is my favourite county despite the damp weather! I'm so pleased you are having such a fabulous time.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  6. Mary, so wonderful to see your photographs from your journey in England <3. I have missed terribly England!!!

    p.s. you should take a closer peek of your photographs in Hilltop, Eileen and i peeked from the window when you where photographing Hilltop in outside! You may see few stranger peeking on your photos :)!


  7. I didn't, for a moment, think you'd fallen off the face of the earth. I just knew that you'd be having the most wonderful time in England. There's be lots of time for posting in the weeks after your return.
    I think that English lambs gambol, while our gallump.

  8. Ahh! Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the rain, the memories came flooding back as I looked at your photos, Mary.
    I can tell you're having a wonderful time, isn't it good to be home?

  9. So glad you are having a marvelous time. Too bad about the rain, but that is what makes the English complexions so lovely, right?

  10. Mary, I've fond memories of our time spent in the Lake District, though it was many, many years ago. I do think a return to the countryside of GB is in order. Must move that to the top of the travel list. Safe journey home, my friend. ~ Sarah

  11. We live quite near to Pateley Bridge - on your signpost. Sadly we were away but otherwise we could have met up. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  12. Mary, I can't believe your holiday is almost over. Beautiful pictures of the Lake District -one of my favorites. I love that little lamb at the end. Looking forward to more pics as you return home. Blessings, Pamela

  13. just lovely I know you have had a marvelous time. Janet!

  14. Oh Mary
    What magnificent photos of the Lake District.
    I got very close to seeing it last year but as always time was at a premium for us and France and family were beckoning..... one day!
    The light looks so beautiful and the hills such an interesting blue haze - stunning.

  15. Love the photo of the lamb:) I'm hoping to get up to the Lakes later this summer, our other house is just along the coast from Blackpool but the only time I go there is passing through on the way to Lytham St Annes. I'm afraid that Blackpool isn't my kind of place:)

  16. What lovely photos. Such a pretty area.

  17. I feel like I have fallen off the face of the earth, but I am starting to return. Oh how I would love to visit the Lake District in the Spring. Sweet little sheep indeed.

  18. Did you go to the Pennington castle in Cumbria. That's my maiden name. I have no idea if I'm related to those Penningtons but I like to think I am.

  19. How lovely! You made me homesick and tht's not even my home! LOL.....Can't wait to see more photos.

  20. Dear Mary, I decided to come over to see if you fell off the face of the earth. Smile. I am thankful you are having a wonderful time in spite of the rain. Meeting some bloggers must have been fun and I know you enjoyed the time spent visiting with them.

    Your photos are stunning. I love the lamb.

    Come home safe.
    Love you and miss you,

  21. Your trip photos are bringing back happy memories for me...especially the Lake District. Such a beautiful place that is! I remember all the sheep too....I've never seen so many sheep in my life as we did all over England and Wales two summers ago!


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