Saturday, March 3, 2018

Wrapping up . . . . . . . . . . . .

March roared in like a lion!
Yesterday trees came down around the neighborhood, 
some people lost power.
It's chilly again this week as we prepare to leave.
The very strong winds from the big Nor'easter (hope all my friends up
 north are OK) reached here in the southeast - no snow thankfully - and
 getting out by plane come Monday should be OK, fingers crossed.
Cold and blustery today but the sun was bright.

Things happen. Thoughts run rampant.
Our heating system went on the blink, it was cold downstairs.  
Now repaired we can go without worrying the house is too cold. 
We shut off the water at the main always when leaving on an extended trip.
Our kindly neighborhood 'watchdogs', family members, and assorted
 friends who check on everything for us are alerted . . . . . . . and alert!

Bob did the first grass mowing of the year this week - a manicured lawn
 always looks good. Sadly, I may miss seeing my bluebells and my
 tulips bloom if the weather warms up whilst we're gone. 

I noticed the wood pile is really low - on the list for when we return -
Order a cord of firewood so it will be seasoned by next autumn/winter.
Always planning ahead.

Winter blankets, throws, duvets are still scattered on beds and furniture - a
 reminder that spring cleaning awaits in April/May. . . . . . . . . after the heavy pollen
 season we experience here in The City of Oaks.

Today hair and nails taken care of. A goodbye lunch with granddaughter Jasmin,
then back home to wash bed linen while Bob was on a ladder getting twigs off the 
roof - dangerous!
Helped Bob pack - if YOU have a man who's a good packer you're fortunate!
Completing my packing tomorrow.
Quick meal tonight - tuna stuffed baked potatoes with salad.
An excellent Australian Shiraz to finish up. . . . . a little TV, then an early night.

The landscape will be completely different when we return - Spring will have
 sprung and the many lovely greens of the new season will have enveloped
 the neighborhood. 
Exciting to go away and see new places, but always wonderful to come home again.


  1. Enjoy your trip, Mary! I am sure you will show us wonderful pictures of all the great places you'll get to see.
    O.K. is a good packer - he takes a lot longer than I, but he does not need help with it. He just thinks of everything (and I really mean everything), whereas I am a very light traveller and often go by the assumption that I can always buy it at the place when I find I need something I didn't bring (it rarely happens, but it is a good excuse to buy something new anyway!).

  2. Dear Mary,
    I'm excited for you. keeping fingers crossed that your plane will take off on time.
    Bon Voyage.

  3. Glad you got the boiler sorted before leaving on Monday, the only time ours ever goes on the blink is whist we're away and the dog sitter has to cope with it!
    Have a wonderful time and report back often, please.

  4. Mary, enjoy your trip! Hope your flight took off today on time! It is cooler here too in Mint Hill, but it should warm up soon!

  5. Hope you are having a wonderful time Mary ..... looking forward to your photographs which are always beautiful. XXXX

  6. Have a totally amazing trip! There are so many things to do at the last moment, but know you pulled it off and now are on a lifetime adventure.


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