Thursday, March 1, 2018

FIN DEL MUNDO - here we come. . . . . . .

. . . . . .soon we'll be leaving on our expedition trip, starting from
 Ushuaia, Argentina  - fin del mundo, the end of the world!

Not quite as far south as Antarctica this time, but far enough to view
 snow-capped mountains and glaciers, some amazing scenery, wildlife,
 and of course birds . . . . . . my dream is to see an Andean condor in flight!

Fortunately, sailing from Ushuaia, the rounding of the turbulent seas of 
Cape Horn will be via the Beagle Channel so hoping we'll not be tossed too
 badly. Bob has loaded up on seasickness pills but we're hoping for smooth
 sailing! It will be his first time riding on Zodiacs so packing waterproofs and
 warm clothing for life on a cold sea, is all part of this new experience for him.

I made this little map to give you an idea of our route.  
Starting from Raleigh, NC to Argentina via Dallas, TX - where we'll
 meet up with our friends, Paula, Kim & Rob, coming from San Francisco.
The overnight flight is long, arriving in Buenos Aires the next morning.

In Buenos Aires we join the group sailing with us, 120 passengers, and the
 expedition team. The crew will be waiting with the ship in Ushuaia.
 With two nights in Buenos Aires, a fun city, we'll have time for sightseeing
 and practicing our tango dancing before flying to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego -
see more about my previous visit here -  the southernmost city in the world which
 was also the jump off point when I sailed to Antarctica in 2013.

In Ushuaia we embark the beautiful Hebridean Sky. As we sail away on the
 evening tide to Chile, views such as this will be waiting as we visit the fjords,
 national parks, small coastal towns and villages, and islands.
  Hoping for good weather, smooth water for Zodiac rides, and sunshine
 for good photos to share with you later!

"Hasta luego"


  1. How exciting, Mary! Wishing you safe and enjoyable travels.

    1. Thanks so much - photos will come later when we return!

  2. Oh Mary, you are so much braver than I am. Those mountains are incredible and I always wanted to go to Patagonia and Buenos Aires. Cape Horn? No.

  3. Bienvenida a mi pais, Mary. Que tu viaje sea inolvidable!

  4. It will be a fabulous and memorable trip for you and Bob - have fun, take care, and bring back your wonderful photos Mary.

  5. Wishing you safe travels and smooth sailing. Have a wonderful trip. Will look forward to your posts and photos.

  6. Happy Sails to you both! You are the most adventurous folks I “know.” ☺️

  7. Buen viaje, Mary! The map you included is a great way to visualize your route. Have a most wonderful time!

  8. Safe travels, you brave woman! I look forward to your beautiful photos and descriptions.

  9. What an incredible journey! Safe travels to you and your husband.

  10. Oh, my, you are off again! I admire your sense of adventure and the amazing trips you take, Mary. So happy that Bob is joining you on this one. Have a fabulous trip, smooth sailing, and safe travels.

  11. Have a wonderful and safe trip. Look forward to hearing all about it when you return. In the meantime just enjoy.

  12. What an adventure you'll be on, have the very best of times and bring back wonderful memories to share. Hasta la vista. baby!

  13. Dear Mary,

    What a fabulous experience is in store for you!. Can't wait to see the photos. Be safe and enjoy every minute.

  14. Oh my, that last picture is just gorgeous. Sure hope you have smooth sailing. I get such horrible seasickness. No fun at all. Have a fabulous adventure.

  15. That sounds like an exciting vacation voyage for you and offering plenty of photo ops.


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