Wednesday, October 5, 2022

October Shades, Knitting & A Soup Recipe -

Goldener lights set noon asleeping
Like an afternoon;
Colder airs come stealing, creeping
After sun and moon;
And the leaves, all tired of blowing
Cloudlike o'er the sun;
Change to sunset colours, knowing
That their day is done.

. . . . .George Macdonald

Here today the sun is bright, the sky clear and blue, and it's warm.
I just did a little flower bed clean up and it was actually hot.

The knitting came out last weekend as we awaited the storm.
The clicking of the bamboo needles and the warmth of the yarn 
between my fingers was calming as all raged outside the windows.
This is the color for the first cowl of this new season. It will 
complement my ZARA brown wrap coat from a couple of years
 back, and a new cashmere sweater of a similar shade - the label
 named it Syrup - I'm thinking more Ginger Snap.

FYI - if you're shopping for new sweaters (also coats, jackets and other
 items), and have a T.J.Maxx close by which has a 'Runway' department, 
you too might find an amazing selection of items at deep discounts.
Even though the cashmere sweaters are marked Past Season they
are classic, never look dated, and are beautiful. 
The VINCE, NAKED CASHMERE,THEORY brands etc. originally
 $350+ were selling for $129+, and in my store there were dozens in
 all colors to choose from!

Yesterday I cooked, and cooked some more!
What started off as just using up a butternut squash for my favorite 
seasonal soup (easy recipe below - I just change to lo-sodium
 vegetable broth), ended with a complete meal including delicious
 roasted Halloumi cheese and veggies, and a dessert - apple
and blackberry galette.

A most tasty and warming meal for a cooler Autumn evening. . . . and
 of course leftovers for another day!

This could have been Bob cleaning up after Hurricane Ian, except
the leaves here are still mostly green. Of course they'll be many more
 fallen gold and brown leaves in the weeks, even months, to come!
We'll be traveling north soon and I know the colors will be advanced
 compared to here in the southeast.

Have a great week - I'm picking out clothes for New England and 
think I'll include at least one warm, cozy cashmere sweater!



  1. Dear Mary - Cashmere is wonderful - and the triplets have already learned how soft it feels and whisper: "Cashmere! Cozy!" I am always on the look-out for Cashmere things: bought a new feather light pullover (each year one different colour appears in the store of Hallhuber - this year I was happy with Cherry-red-pink. But I also have black, cobalt-blue, periwinkle blue, light blue and light grey) You can put three of them in your little board case and still have lots of place.
    In Berlin I bought a thick Cashmere long pant - so cozy on autumn and winter evenings.
    As I commented on Rosemary's blog it might be difficult in rural Bavarian Germany to find butternut squash - for soup I know that one can use Hokkaido instead - and I will try your recipe and think of you, thank you!

    1. Britta I have a cashmere pant on my 'wish list' too - for sitting by the fire while knitting come cold winter nights!!!!
      I have quite a collection of cashmere sweaters, and like you, mine have been collected over the years!!!
      Yes, can can use other types of squash, even pumpkin. Sometimes I roast my squash first which makes it extra flavorful.
      Mary x

    2. Good timing for traveling north. We'll be in peak color by next week.

      That meal looks and sounds like a feast. Bob surely deserved iit after all his hard work.

  2. Oh gosh, now I'm hungry. It all looks delicious and so pretty too.
    Our weather today is spectacular. Just got back from a walk through my neighborhood where I enjoyed checking out how people have decorated their gardens and porches for fall.
    That shade of brown is gorgeous. Your cowl and new cashmere sweaters will be perfect for a trip to New England.

  3. That color of yarn is so rich. I am glad Ian did not to damage to you and your home. It is so devasting down in my area. We are fortunate that our home and my sisters and friends homes are all safe. Sadly it will be a while before I can continue my beach walks because the beach area is a disaster. Your soup sounds wonderful.

  4. Dearest Mary,
    Don't forget that you live in a sizable city, when mentioning a T.J. Maxx. Ours is not big and of course less choice.
    But you're smart and snatching such a sale up is feeling 'warm'.
    Nothing feeling better than wrapping in soft and lightweight cashmere...🤗
    Your soup and other dishes looked magazine worthy and no doubt were very tasty!

  5. Your meal looks so tempting, Mary. Roasting halloumi with vegetables is a new idea to me, and sounds delicious. Do you add any particular seasonings to it?
    Planning a trip to New England sounds delightful. I love the feel of cashmere on my hands, but sadly, I can't bear wearing it against my arms or my body.
    I'm looking forward to wearing the pretty cowl made by you, once the weather cools off a little.

  6. Oooh, cashmere! I love that but don't have many items myself, as they can not just go in the wash with my other clothes.
    Your cooking always sounds delicious, and this one particularly so.
    Enjoy your trip and the colours!

  7. Ohhhh I love adding sour cream added to vegetable soups of all types :) Especially on Friday nights when we can relax from a long week.

  8. Pumpkin & soup time! Autumn! Its my favourite season...

  9. I love all kinds of soups this time of year and through winter. I make a similar squash soup, too. So good! We have TJ Maxx in our town and in just about every surrounding town. Very popular chain here. But I have never seen a Runway section in any of them. Isn't that strange? No matter...believe it or not, I don't like cashmere! But then again, I'm not much of a sweater person.

  10. I especially enjoy your Autumn posts about fashion and food. They always seem so cozy and entice me to think Autumn. Thanks!

  11. Nice post thank you Paul


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