Saturday, October 1, 2022

October and Hurricane Ian -

My kitchen wall calendar with Angela Harding's beautiful illustration for October.

. . . . . . . . hopefully will soon be here!

We escaped major damage yesterday as
 Hurricane Ian
paid us a scary visit.

Losing some of its ferocity after devastating many
 areas in Florida, it made a second landfall along
the South Carolina coast and came full blast across
central North Carolina. We did loose power for a
few hours here, but are thankful that on waking this
morning we only had small tree debris covering the
 garden and our street. A big mess to clean up once
 it's dried and we can rake and blow.
Feeling grateful today.


  1. I know it isn't war, but damage caused by tidal waves, bushfires, cyclones, earth quakes etc can be just as tragic. Be safe!

  2. I had been waiting for this post. My son in Cary lost power, not certain about lawn debris. What a tragedy for so very many. Stay safe and happy, Mary.

  3. Dear Mary & Bob - I am really pleased and very grateful to learn that all is well with you. I have been thinking and worrying about Hurrican Ian heading in your direction.
    Angela Harding's October illustration is so fitting - the young girl with her hair and scarf blowing in the wind and the golden leaves tumbling to the ground.

  4. Thank you for the good report. Sounds as if you will have some clean-up chores and I am glad that they are not too intense. Glad that you didn't lose power for long. I only have a few more friends who have not reported in.

  5. Dearest Mary,
    You both were very lucky!
    In Florida lots of people have been really affected by this.
    So glad that our weather has warmed up again to 'normal'—due to Ian it was so dark, windy and cool.

  6. Dear Mary,
    I am so glad that you and Bob weathered the storm relatively unscathed. It had such devastating force in Florida. The Angela Harding captures the feeling of October well, with the colours, and the small figure in a big landscape. Hugs, Lorrie

  7. Dear Mary, I have been thinking of you as we watch the devastation of this hurricane. I am so pleased to read that you are unharmed, and trust the cleanup will be easily achieved. Your beautiful calendar shows a lovely illustration for October - but the giant owl could be a metaphor for the destruction we have observed. Wishing you a peaceful October full of pumpkin goodness and Autumn colour. xox

  8. Phew! I am really glad that nothing worse than a few hours' power loss (which is bad enough if you have a freezer running or depend on medical equipment such as a permanent oxygen supply) and tree debris happened to you.
    Love the Angela Harding picture!

  9. Glad to hear you are safe! Minor storm damage is a pain to clean up, I know, but it could've been so much worse. PS - love your cozy fall tablescape with the linens, gourds and candle.

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  11. Glad to hear you're safe . Your decor is looking very autumnal. It's lovely.

  12. Hi Mary...I owe you an email...just popping in as I was so worried about you and Bob. What a relief to know you are safe! I understand Penny retired from blogging so I don't know how she fared down in Naples. This hurricane created such a widespread tragedy--it will be a long time to recover.

    Sending love and we need to catch up. Apologies for being remiss.


  13. Oh, that was a close shave! No damage done is good news.

  14. Mary, I am so glad you didn't have problems with Hurricane Ian. We had tons of rain, wind and flooding here in Lake City, SC. My yard flooded but I was never in any danger of getting any water in the house since I have a crawl space and the house is set up higher than the ground. I did have alot of pine boughs and limbs come down in the side yard. By the way, I had started a new blog and wasn't going to use this one anymore. Well the other blog ended up being so hard to set up that I decided to keep my old one. Hope to see you there! Hugs!

  15. What a beautiful artwork, I have always loved etching/ lino print style art! Glad the hurricane passed over!

  16. So glad it Ian passed you will little damage. That illustration is stunning.


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